News Hub for Christian Nonprofits on Mission

Connecting the church in the West to news of what God is doing through nonprofits around the world.

Missions Box is a labor of love, using the secular news as a tool to showcase the relevance of Christian nonprofit work and it’s impact around the world.

Christian Nonprofits are Still Relevant

Increasingly, the Church in the West is being told that it’s irrelevant, that Christians are hypocrites and that nonprofits cannot be trusted. Missions Box does not exist to argue with those statements, but rather to highlight the good works of nonprofits from around the world.

Jesus commanded His followers to love God and to love others. James, Jesus half-brother, then told Christ-follower’s that part of pure religion is to visit the orphans and widows. Christians are doing work that the Jesus commanded.

Good News is Still News

Another perspective on Missions Box purpose is that so much of the news around the world pertains to the hardships of living in this world and negativity that imposes in our lives. Life on this planet can be hard, but there are organizations striving to help bring relief. We want to highlight those organizations through the news too. It’s good news and it’s about the Good News.

Missions Box Started as a Daily Quote Machine

Not too long ago, the only thing you could find on Missions Box were quotes from missionaries from the past and present alike. Although, daily quotes are still part of the site, we realized that wasn’t enough. You’ll be able to read news, get quotes and get information about relevant topics in our essays area.

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This site is updated and run by Gospel for Asia based in Wills Point, Texas.

What Does Gospel for Asia Do?

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is a nonprofit, Christian organization that seeks transform communities through the love of Christ in South Asia.  The ministry started with a Tuesday night prayer meeting for the lost world more than 35 years ago and prayer is still the foundation of our ministry today.

GFA Trains National Missionaries

Gospel for Asia trains national missionaries to reach others from their own cultures. These workers have fewer cultural obstacles than Western missionaries. Many of the countries Gospel for Asia serves in are closed to Western missionaries and the missionaries supported by Gospel for Asia are ready to suffer for their faith.

GFA Child Sponsorship and Compassion Ministry

Gospel for Asia has been serving some of the poorest of the poor for more than 30 years. Our partners in Asia reach out to leprosy patients and those living in slums with the love of Christ. GFA helps rebuild the lives of those affected by natural disaster by providing physical and spiritual aid.

In addition, GFA-supported missionaries provide an education and an opportunity to hear about Jesus for children through GFA’s Bridge of Hope.

For more information about Gospel for Asia (GFA), go to: