Dr. KP Yohannan: Choose to Trust God at His Word

“We need to leap into the hands of God and trust Him to carry us.”

Dr. KP Yohannan, founder of the nonprofit GFA (Gospel for Asia) gives encouragement and encourages us to trust and expect great things from God.

Sometimes it can seem intimidating to step out of our comfort zones and expect miracles. But miracles are exactly what we should expect when we walk with Jesus.

Take, for example, Jesus’ healing Bartimaeus the blind beggar. Dr. Yohannan describes the New Testament scene through a compelling lens:

The beggar, Bartimaeus, is standing by the roadside when Jesus comes by. The crowd was moving along, and Bartimaeus must have heard the commotion. I imagine he must have asked what was going on and found out Jesus was coming! From somewhere, he must have heard that Jesus of Nazareth healed people, that He was one who made the blind see, the lame to walk, and even the dead come alive! A hope must have sparked within him.

Surely his life felt hopeless before that. He was born blind and could have easily resigned in his heart that he would die a beggar and blind. But now, he sees one chance to possibly get healed and see real change. I can just see him thinking, “I don’t know where He is, or how I’ll get to Him. People think I am an awful sinner, or that my parents sinned and now there is this curse upon me, but who knows what could happen?” And with that hope, he screams, “Jesus, son of Davidhave mercy on me!” and Jesus stops.

He called out to Jesus with that ray of hope, and he was made well.

What is impossible for humans is not impossible for God. Sometimes the easiest and best way to handle things is to let go of our old self and trust God to work on our and His behalf. 

Trust, miracle, believe
Gospel for Asia (GFA)-sponsored missionaries gathered in prayer, trusting God for miracles and deliverance.

A Challenge For You

Are you ready to expect a miracle from God? Dr. KP Yohannan gives you this challenge:

Looking into the year ahead, I would challenge you: in anything that God is asking you to do in 2018, refuse to agonize, argue and settle the case within yourself with commentaries, preachers and your own reasoning. Turn to God. Look toward God. Read His Word, and ask God to tell you the mystery behind what you read. Choose to believe Him at His word, and what He has said He will do.

Are you up to it? Do not fear, the Lord is with you–trust in Him!




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