Os Guinness, Discusses His Take on The Future of American Society

Os Guinness discuss his childhood, Church and state, and the need for American Christians to remain steadfast in ever-growing secular society

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Ken Harrison is joined by Os Guinness on the latest episode of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison.” Together they discuss Os’ unique childhood, today’s relationship between Church and state, and the need for American Christians to remain steadfast in an ever-growing secular society.

Highlights of Guinness’ interview in the podcast include (edited for clarity):

Harrison: “Right now we’re seeing the nexus of where Christian thought and world view is meeting the secular. What’s the responsibility of people in this age? For example, I’ve seen Christian men going around not wearing masks, and they consider this to be sort of an act of righteous defiance, whereas others would see this as just being inconsiderate and apathetic to people who are at risk. Where does freedom intersect with being a considerate, loving Christian?”


“For me, the coronavirus has hit the whole notion of human control. You know, the idea in the secular world that with reason and science and technology, we can control everything. Covid has reminded us that we are not in control, but I think we have to look deeper and understand where America is. I like to put that in three words. Revolution? Oligarchy? Or homecoming?

As you know, the radical left and the way it comes out of cultural Marxism is revolution. In an oligarchy, we are now experiencing not a democracy, not a monarchy, but an elite run, ruling class that is consolidating politics, the media, and a whole lot of other things, including woke business. They are seen as the best and brightest telling us, the rest of us, how we should live and that’s very dangerous. Then the third thing, homecoming. The Hebrew word for repentance, which is teshuvah, has at its heart the notion of homecoming. For example, when we sin we’re exiled from the Lord and we become alienated. Then when we face up to it, we come home. America needs to come home. The roots of this country through the reformation were in the Old Testament, Exodus, Deuteronomy, and we’ve lost touch with those roots. So many Americans are following the wrong revolution.”

Harrison: “What does the average parent do when we see and feel the media coming at us? We recognize that these are old ideas, they are not new. They are rehash failures that have been gussied up with new lipstick and thrown back out again. How do we fight for those in our families, our churches, and our communities?”


“First, it’s incredibly important for the Christian faith and for citizenship, that we keep the importance of parental authority. We’ve seen how they can undermine parents and this can negatively affect the next generation. Secondly, we need to demonstrate the necessity for truth. We know that high truth societies can be high freedom societies and that low truth societies lack trustworthiness and reveal low freedom. We need to bring out human dignity, truth, words, justice, and all these things. They’re so much deeper and richer than any other alternative today, and we should be proud of them and confident in them. The Gospel itself and the whole of scriptural truth is the key to a constructive future.”

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KEN HARRISON is the host of “On the Edge with Ken Harrison,” a podcast building godly people for a better tomorrow. The podcast, available in both audio and video form, can be found on YouTube and your favorite podcast platform, including Apple and Spotify. The podcast also offers listeners the opportunity to receive a challenging weekly devotional that will inspire them to put their faith into action.

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Ken volunteers his time as the chairman of Promise Keepers. His mission is to provide executive leadership and strategic direction to the ministry while inspiring men to be bold, humble and ambitious about their faith.

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