Biglife Fundraises to Rescue 8,500+ Christians from Taliban Death Threats

Biglife to reach and disciple their local communities under death threat by the Taliban because of their faith.

NAPLES, FLBiglife, a non-profit that empowers indigenous Christians to reach and disciple their local communities, has identified over 600 families — 8,500+ individuals, 80% of whom are women and children — under death threat by the Taliban because of their faith.

Biglife aims to raise $4.5 million to secure the evacuation of these families from Afghanistan. Monies raised will be utilized to provide food, shelter, medical care, transportation, travel documents and other required essentials. After removal, Biglife presents refugees with the opportunity to meet with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to ensure that physical needs and housing are provided as each family is relocated from a temporary to a permanent country of residency.

Biglife has been active in Afghanistan since 2010, when the estimated number of Christians inside the country was less than 4,000. Since then, the number of Christians in Afghanistan has grown exponentially to over 1 million. Through indigenous, on-the-ground leaders, Biglife has provided evacuation and humanitarian assistance in the chaos following the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces.

John Heerema – CEO of Biglife, expressed the timeliness of this campaign:

“For years, Biglife has continuously sought out opportunities to deliver hope amid devastation. Since the withdrawal of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, we have turned chaos into opportunity as we serve believers in danger under Taliban rule. This is an extremely timely campaign — more than 600 families are counting on us to ensure their safety. We believe we can secure their evacuation, but only with your help.”

Biglife previously partnered with operators such as Task Force Pineapple to extract people in immediate danger of being killed by the Taliban. These efforts have successfully relocated over 53,000 people. To date, though, the Taliban has brutally murdered 70+ Biglife Christians, both men and women, because of their faith and affiliation.

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About Biglife

Biglife empowers indigenous believers — from Asia to Africa and from Europe to the Americas — to reach and disciple their own people for Jesus, so that disciple-making movements of God can grow worldwide.

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Source:JDA Worldwide, Official Website

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