Christ for All Nations (CfaN) Witnesses Miracles and Breakthroughs During the First 7 of 15 Mass Crusades Across Uganda

ORLANDO, FL — Christ for All Nations (CfaN), led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, has experienced extraordinary spiritual breakthroughs and miraculous events during its first seven of fifteen mass gospel crusades in Uganda. Each crusade is five nights long, meaning they preached the gospel in multiple locations for 35 nights in just 10 days. This is a testament to the strategic wisdom God has given Kolenda to raise up the next generation of evangelists through its premier evangelism training programs like the ‘CfaN Evangelism Bootcamp’ and work alongside them in the “Decade of Double Harvest,” a vision God gave Evangelist Kolenda in 2017.

CfaN has experienced spiritual breakthroughs and miraculous events during its first seven of fifteen mass gospel crusades in Uganda.Upon completing the Uganda crusades, the ministry will have finished 22 of the 50 mass crusades planned for 2024 as part of its 50th-anniversary mission, “From Cape Town to Cairo,” in honor of founder Reinhard Bonnke and to win over 10 million souls in 2024, taking the ministry total to over 100 million documented decisions for Christ.

Over the First Seven Crusades in Uganda

Evangelist Kolenda and his team faced intense spiritual warfare and opposition from radical religious fanatics and witch doctors. Despite these challenges, the presence of God prevailed, spreading a revival across the nation. Reports include miracles, freedom from demonic oppression, and waves of salvation.

In Lira, crowds swelled each night, responding enthusiastically to the message of salvation. Evangelist Kolenda reported a powerful moment when a sea of hands was raised in response to the altar call. In Hoima, a dramatic healing took place. A woman named Kabababazi, paralyzed and referred to as the “mad” woman, was brought to the crusade tied up. Following the burning of witchcraft items and fervent prayer, she experienced instant healing, regaining both her sanity and physical strength. In Busia, a mute and demon-possessed girl, silent and tormented for a year, began to speak and praise the Lord after receiving prayer, signifying her complete healing and liberation. In Iganga, thousands repented and accepted Jesus despite sudden rain. In Gulu, people burned their occult items, liberating themselves from witchcraft.

Local churches are experiencing unprecedented growth. One church in Gulu reported a 400% increase in membership due to the crusade’s impact.

Follow-Up and Discipleship

CfaN is renowned for its follow-up system, which ensures new believers are connected to local churches for continued discipleship. Each new believer receives a booklet, which provides the milk of God’s word and guidance for those new in Christ. The booklet includes a follow-up form to help connect new believers with local congregations for ongoing spiritual support and growth.

CfaN teams are still on the ground setting up and conducting the next 8 mass gospel crusades across this nation. They will go into July and anticipate a mighty harvest of souls for Christ.

Please visit the CfaN website at for ongoing updates and more information.

About Christ For All Nations

Founded by Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and led by Daniel Kolenda, CfaN is renowned for conducting large-scale evangelistic campaigns, particularly in Africa. Since 1987, CfaN has seen over 92 million documented decisions for Christ. The ministry is a global leader in raising up evangelists with premier training programs, ensuring the ongoing work of evangelism and discipleship within their communities.

CONTACT: Mary-Kathryn Manuel, CfaN USA Director, 407 854-4400,

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