Christ for All Nations Passes 80-Million Documented Conversions

Christ for All Nations (CfaN), recorded more than 80 million documented salvations in some of the largest evangelistic campaigns in history.

ORLANDO — When Reinhard Bonnke moved his family to the tiny kingdom of Lesotho on the southern tip of Africa in 1967, he often struggled with small evangelistic meetings and meager results. Today, more than 50-years later, the ministry he founded, Christ for All Nations (CfaN), has officially recorded more than 80-million documented salvations in some of the largest and most fruitful evangelistic campaigns in history.

Evangelist Bonnke passed away a year ago, having transferred responsibility for the movement to his successor, Daniel Kolenda over 11 years ago. But he would not be at all surprised by the continued success of the organization, which this year alone conducted over a thousand outreaches, including 6 massive Gospel Crusades (five of which were conducted simultaneously), and recorded more than 733,855 professions of faith – and this in the midst of a global pandemic! You can almost hear him cheering from Heaven along with the great cloud of witnesses written about in Hebrews 11. There has been no greater champion for the Gospel and its supernatural power to heal bodies, mend relationships, and save a broken humanity than Evangelist Bonnke. And it is in that legacy that CfaN and its leaders continue to thrive.

Crossing the almost unimaginable threshold of 80 + million decisions for Christ came on the heels of a prophetic vision that CfaN President and Lead Evangelist, Daniel Kolenda has turned into a practical strategy. Believing that God told him that as many souls would be won in the next 10 years as had come to Christ over the previous 50, Kolenda sensed that the “Decade of Double Harvest” would become a reality, not through addition, but through multiplication. As a result, Kolenda poured CfaN’s energies into training a new generation of evangelists through, first, a 5-day School of Evangelism, and then, a more in-depth, 6-month Evangelism Bootcamp. Now, graduates from those programs are out in the harvest fields working as a team, multiplying CfaN’s efforts around the world.

This multiplication has taken many forms, but one of the most visible is the ‘Operation Decapolis’ Great Gospel Campaigns. “Decapolis” is a Greek word for a ten-city region. Accordingly, Evangelist Kolenda decided that, rather than holding a single, area-wide Great Gospel Campaign as CfaN has done for many years, they would embrace a new challenge – to hold ten simultaneous campaigns across ten cities in a single nation. The first of these was held in November 2020 in Tanzania and it was during this unprecedented, multi-city event that the 80-millionth decision card was submitted for follow-up by a local church.

The ‘Operation Decapolis’ Campaign was so successful that CfaN plans to hold two more in 2021, and four more in 2022. If the trend continues, God will not only fulfill the vision of a “Decade of Double Harvest,” He will surpass it!

To learn more about how you can get involved with world-wide evangelism, visit And, to read more amazing stories from the harvest, check out the latest edition of CfaN’s IMPACT DIGITAL Magazine.

About Christ For All Nations

Founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and now led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) continues to pioneer mass-evangelism in Africa and beyond and to equip the church to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. To date, more than 80-million people have chosen to follow Jesus at a CfaN Gospel Outreach Campaign meetings marked by supernatural displays of God’s power to heal bodies, restore lives and change communities. With offices in countries around the globe. CfaN produces written, musical and video content that can be found online and seen daily on TV stations around the world.

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