Feeding People in Lebanon Practically and Spiritually

LEBANON —In the midst of the economic crisis and the Middle East war impacting the people of Lebanon, not only are people physically hungry but also spiritually.

In response Christian ministry Help The Persecuted is providing families with emergency food and medical supplies and treatment, but also sharing the word of God and the good news of Jesus with them, through their pastoral care team.

Strict Embargo: This story cannot be broadcast in the Middle East / Arab World

As the people of Lebanon continue to feel the devastation of the Middle East conflicts involving Hezbollah and Hamas on top of the already dire economic crisis in the country, Christian ministry Help The Persecuted is providing practical support to the most vulnerable and standing with people spiritually through their Pastoral Care Team

The ministry of Help The Persecuted is holistic—caring for both the body and soul, sharing the gospel with those who don’t yet know Jesus and discipling those who are committed Christians. The team is providing much-needed shelter, emergency relief kits, vital medicines and medical care.

And, at the same time, they are distributing Christian literature and New Testaments as well as offering to pray with many families and individuals. They intentionally follow up with many of those they have ministered to, establishing long-term relationships that ultimately help the persecuted church flourish in some of the most difficult regions in the world to profess faith in Christ.

Petro heads up their team and explains why this combined practical and support ministry is so vital.


“Most of those people ask why are you giving us the tracts and the New Testaments and we explain very briefly the good news about Jesus and His salvation.”

Petro says his long-term vision is to see everyone they help have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.


“My vision, my dream is to distribute and share the Word of God and the good news with everybody.”

And as Help The Persecuted continues to rescue, restore and rebuild the lives of so many people throughout Lebanon, the ministry is planning to launch Pastoral Care Team in many more countries throughout the Islamic world.

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About Help The Persecuted

Rescue. Restore. Rebuild. Help The Persecuted has been supporting suffering Christians with practical and spiritual help since 2011 and in 2018 was established as standalone charitable organization. We pray our efforts will empower the global Church to flourish not just in Middle East and North Africa, but also in the Western world as we share in their suffering and bear their burdens. Help The Persecuted is a 501(c)3 organization and a member of ECFA, the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability


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