Flooding Continues in Kerala, Homes Under 10 Feet of Water

Survivors rescued from Kerala floods arrive at a relief camp.

Kerala, India, continues to face peril as the monsoon rains destroy homes, paddy fields and businesses. The death toll has risen, as reports are now estimating well over 100 lives have been lost, while some people are missing. Some houses are under 10 feet of water. Many people are still being rescued by helicopter after scrambling to the top of their homes.

Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported relief teams are already in action, delivering supplies to those they can reach.

K.P. Yohannan travelled with the disaster relief teams and shares his experience:

“I visited two camps where those who are displaced by the catastrophic flooding in Kerala, India are staying. I was able to meet with and pray for many. We were able to provide basic necessities such as clothes, towels, bedsheets, mats, buckets, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and sanitary napkins, which can help around 500 families. Our churches in Kerala and throughout India are doing all they can to help, and I ask that all do anything and everything they can to help those in need during this extremely difficult time. We will be visiting more camps tomorrow and in the following days and helping everywhere we can.”

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Daniel Yohannan, vice president of Gospel for Asia (GFA), says, “Schools, hospitals, roads, transportation—everything is flooded or closed. There are tens of thousands of homes destroyed and thousands that are without shelter and supplies. All the churches led by Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors in other states are collecting food, water and clothing to bring down to Kerala.”

One man shared about the rescue mission he and some Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers endured to save his mother-in-law and some of her neighbors.

“We toiled eight hours in total. Vehicle got jammed … Almost two hours [later] we were all in neck-deep or chest-deep floodwaters, trying to get the tractor back onto the main road opposite the flow. … It became like Noah’s time when floods destroyed all. Then we stuck to the main road, by God’s grace, and crossed seven bridges with rivers overflowing.”

Survivors rescued from Kerala floods arrive at a relief camp.

This man and the rescue team were successful, and his mother-in-law and some of her neighbors are now in safety.

Please continue to pray as the waters rise and more people lose hope for their future livelihood. The people of Kerala are suffering greatly and are crying out for immediate aid. Please open your hearts to join the rescue efforts and give to our Disaster Relief Fund to help those in desperate need.

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