The Importance of Spirituality in Youth Education

ROMANIA — A Christian is supposed to be a good citizen, a person who wishes for God’s blessing upon him, his family and upon the society in which he lives. The vision of The Emanuel Pentecostal Theological School based in Bucharest in Romania is one of preparing citizens to have a Christian behavior in society. One of the instruments used in the education of the young students is the institution’s chapel.

The education of the youth in theological high schools focuses not only on the preparation of church ministers, but also the training of citizens to be able to adopt a Christian standpoint in society. In this sense, The Emanuel Pentecostal Theological School is composed of the chapel, which is an integral part of the vocational training of the students.

Ioan Bochian, pastor, “Emanuel” Church – Bucharest:

We wished for this chapel to be something that raises the spiritual level of the students, and not only this but it is also about the context in which they are formed as ministers.

Gheorhe-Luca Ciprian, director, Emanuel Pentecostal Theological School – Bucharest:

The Chapel has proved to be not only an extension of the theology class where students can put in practice what they learned in theory, but also an evangelistic context for those who aren’t believers, of consolidation for those who are, as well as a setting where our students can develop their character.

The Chapel is a part of the Emanuel High School from the year 2001, when the educational institution was inaugurated. Along the years, it has had various formats, but the main goal was to offer the students ,as well as the teachers, a time and place where they could meet God. Because of the situation created by the pandemic, this year the chapel’s programme has been modified.

Gheorhe-Luca Ciprian:

We allocated a time for the chapel before the classes begin. From 8:00 to 8:15, 8:20 we allocated a time for the chapel which begins with prayer and singing and ends with a biblical message and respectively a prayer or song.

During the years, the chapel has had a great impact upon the students of Emanuel High School.

Gheorhe-Luca Ciprian:

God’s Word which has been spoken to them, the spiritual atmosphere created in these meetings, has helped them a great deal, they admit, to get closer to God, to understand God’s Will and to have a proper start in life and even in their career.

Ioan Bochian:

The chapel’s program proves that it has had an unforgivable impact in the forming of these students as people of God and of their character. Their worship gains a strong basis.

The actual students also discuss on the importance of the chapel.

“For me, the morning prayer is a guidance and an aid for the classes that follow. It makes us think more about God and the help that He gives us.”

“…The most important for me is the morning prayer because I can start the day with God and I can keep Him in my mind along the classes. I believe that it also unites us all and in this way our high school is the most united.”

“For me it means a start with God, guidance, the realization that we constantly and always need Him. His protection, I believe, is necessary on a day-to-day basis, because without Him we couldn’t even make it to the next street.”

At the chapel or in the church the students and the teachers are colleagues in the catechesis program, which in turn consolidates the relation between them.

Ioan Bochian:

Many have asked us if the respect and role of the professor is somehow lost, when they become colleagues with the students at the chapel. This is not the case. On the contrary, the respect builds, and primarily the respect that the professor gains for his students, which is a great thing that you can’t find everywhere. And secondly, the students understand that the professor isn’t an ordinary person, but a member of Christ’s Body in which, together, they have the honor of co-existing.

The Emanuel Pentecostal Theological School is a project of the “Emanuel” Church, which celebrates 30 years of existence.

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