Myanmar’s crackdown on ethnic minorities

The Myanmar military is cracking down on Myanmar’s minorities, particularly the Rohingya. Many of them flee into Bangladesh.

CNN reports, “Authorities in neighboring Bangladesh said dozens of people have attempted to flee across the border in recent days.”

Those in Myanmar think that the Rohingya are Bangladesh citizens and as such are there illegally, even though they’ve been there for centuries.

Al Jazeera explains, “They are branded as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by Myanmar’s majority Buddhist population despite their long roots in the country, where they face apartheid-like restrictions on movement and are denied citizenship.”

In October, the Rohingya killed 9 police officers, which closed the border.

According to BBC, “Since then, soldiers have closed down parts of Rakhine state and stopped aid workers and independent observers from entering.”

The Rohingya who have tried to flee into Bangladesh have been pushed back.

According to Al Jazeera, “Bangladeshi border guards pushed back a large group of Rohingya trying to cross on Tuesday.”

The Rohingya are not the only persecuted ethnic minorities in Myanmar. Christian Ethnic minorities have faced much persecution as well.

Mission Network News reports, “Christian ethnic minorities also face outright hatred and violence. It gets a little complicated because each group has their own brand of persecution. Romeijn says currently the worst-off are probably the Kachin.”

Please pray for the Rohingya, that they would be able to find the hope in Jesus. Please pray for the Christian ethnic minorities, that they would be able to meet together without the military feeling threatened. Also pray they would be bold and would reach out to other persecuted minorities.

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