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In Nepal, a new Prime Minister was elected last August. He is a Maoist, a person who adheres to Communist party tenants. His name is Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Per The Indian Express, “Nepal Maoist chief Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is all set to become the Prime Minister for the second time as he filed his nomination on Tuesday after receiving crucial backing from the agitating Madhesis by signing a three-point pact.”

The outgoing Prime Minister promised the people that under Pushpa’s rule, they would continue with the development programs that had already been started.

The Himalayan explains, “Answering some questions that Oli had put forth during his speech, Dahal said the new government would give continuity to development projects and agreements signed with neighbouring nations as the Maoist party itself was a significant part of the government.”

The three parties in government agreed to work together with each other to continue to form the new constitution and make sure all sides agree on a consensus of what to put in the constitution.

News 18 reports, “The three forces — CPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress and the United Democratic Madhesi Front — agreed that the new government would table a Constitutional amendment bill in the Parliament on the basis of political consensus to address the demands of the Madhesi parties over the country’s new Constitution, said Manish Suman, general secretary of Sadbhawana Party.”

Because of this agreement to work together on the constitution, the Madhesi party agreed to back Pushpa in the amendments that are written as long as its discussed before being passed.

Per The Indian Express, “As per the agreement, the government-in-waiting would implement the Madhesi Front’s demands that include acknowledging those killed during the Madhes agitation as martyrs and providing free treatment to the injured besides amending the Constitution to redraw provincial boundary, while the Madhesi parties would support the new government.”

The reason why Pushpa was nominated for Prime Minister was to unite the nation and to help with the reconstruction after the major earthquakes in 2015.

The Himalayan reports, “He said the candidacy itself was meant to strengthen the national consensus among parties to solve all the problems including concerns of Madhesi parties and challenges of post-earthquake reconstruction.”

One medical student got to do a summer internship in Nepal at the Dadeldhura hospital. She got to learn how to mend wounds and take care of people with medical conditions.

Erin MacKinney states, “While difficult situations were present, the hospital struck me as a place of joy, life and hope and a place where staff will do their utmost at their own personal cost, to make sure that patients got the best care possible. I am grateful to God for the friendships He gave me in Dadeldhura and the joys He brought me.” Pray for the country of Nepal, for wisdom for the leaders. Pray also for all of those who have medical conditions, that they would be able to find the hope in Christ through TEAM.

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