Operation Mobilization Youth Leader Impacts Albania’s Next Generation

ALBANIA — God transformed Armando as a teen when a mentor from (Operation Mobilization) OM took time to study God’s Word and share life with him. Today, Armando reaches out to other youth in his home town of Dushk in Albania, helping them discover what it looks like to follow Jesus.

Armando Dosti

“Dushk is a village in Albania that has about 5,000 inhabitants. The main religion here is Islam where 90% of the people are Muslim and the other 10% are divided between Orthodox, Roman Catholic and other sects.

Mandi and his wife Sara were born and raised in Dushk where they now serve the community and share the good news.

Mandi and Sarah also run a weekly kids programme and mentor the youth of the town where Mandi serves as a leader in the church.

“In 2006 I met Enchull, who was working with OM and by studying the Bible together and meeting together it helped me draw closer to the Lord each day. Through this relationship even in my difficult teenage years I grew in my relationship with the Lord.

“This is a way how OM and the people that work at OM have impacted my life. They taught me how to be a follower of Jesus day after day. This experience of discipleship has helped me understand how to better help these young people – how to bring them to God who are currently at the same stage I once was. And I get to help bring them closer to God.

“In 2012 I had the opportunity to serve with OM at the Emmanuel Centre, a ministry for Roma children. I served there for four years and during these years God changed my life radically. In prayer I heard Him say, “You should continue this ministry. For you will learn much about me.” This was an unforgettable experience for me. I learned how to love these people, people who were so different from me but they still have a heart, and Jesus gave His life for them. This was the greatest thing I learned – how to love these people.”

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