Pastor Imprisoned in Vietnam Thanks God for The Persecution

VIETNAM —To avoid being imprisoned, Pastor Foom spent two days hiding in the mountains near his village. However, in the end they caught him.

In 2002, Pastor Foom Chao opened his eyes after the prayer. At the alarming scene of the police waiting to arrest him, he was arrested for taking Bibles to the jungles of Vietnam, knowing that they intended to kill him. Chao escaped and fled, but was soon arrested again. Under custody, the agents demanded that he sign a document declaring that Christianity is a false religion.

After a month, before Chao’s refusal to sign, he was ordered to tell the crowd of Christians who had gathered that he rejected Jesus. Chao knew that the policeman spoke his language to Monk and told the crowd, “Jesus is true.” PastorChao knew that his persecution had a purpose, because many Monk people converted to Jesus that day. Pray for the Christians who sacrifice their freedom to spread the gospel.

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