Providing Child Friendly Spaces for Young Lives in War Torn Ukraine

Since the war began in Ukraine, they've also created child friendly spaces to help many young people deal with the trauma of the conflict.

UKRAINE — Since the war began in Ukraine not only has World Vision provided emergency humanitarian aid, but they’ve also created child friendly spaces to help many young people deal with the trauma of the conflict.

The Christian charity is hoping government funding from the US and the UK for Ukraine will provide some stability on the frontlines where much of their work is taking place.

As Western countries, including the US and the UK, continue to commit to ongoing financial support to war-torn Ukraine, many charities are hoping this funding will also enable them to continue their humanitarian work in the country.

World Vision’s crisis response director for Ukraine, Chris Palusky, says he hopes this support will provide more stability, particularly in the areas where they’re helping vulnerable children close to the front lines.

Chris Palusky:

So the more stable the lines, the more we’re able to access some of these more fragile areas like Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, and many villages up near the front. So World Vision, in addition to our child protection and our education programs, would help kids go with some degree of normality in a conflict crisis, but we’re also doing mental health care. And we are working through child-friendly centers or child spaces. So these are places where kids can go to be kids and they can continue their education, but at the same time they’re getting mental health care. So they’re doing art therapy, they’re doing group therapy, and they’re able to help process the traumas that they faced and are facing.

And Palusky is urging the Christian community around the world to not forget these many young traumatized lives as the war rages on in Ukraine.

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