Rohingya Hungry and Mistreated


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One child named Rosmaida Bibi was born in a Rohingya refugee camp. She is malnourished and hasn’t grown like most children her age do.

Per Fox News, “Ever since she was born in this squalid camp for displaced members of Myanmar’s ethnic Rohingya minority, Rosmaida Bibi has struggled to do something most of the world’s children do effortlessly: grow.”

The United Nations wants to go into Myanmar in order to check out the human rights situation there, yet Myanmar is declining their visas.

Al Arabiya English reports, “The Myanmar government has announced that it will not grant visas to members of a fact-finding mission appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate alleged human rights violations, such as murder, displacement, looting, rape, and the burning of houses and places of worship by members of the Myanmar army and security forces against Rohingya Muslims.”

On July 4, a mob of Myanmar citizens broke out as Muslim Rohingya were on a police-guarded trip from a displacement camp.

The Associated Press explains, “A mob in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State killed a member of the Muslim Rohingya ethnic minority and injured six others who were on a police-guarded trip Tuesday from the displacement camp where they live to the city that many Rohingya were forced to flee five years ago.”

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been detained in a series of camps in Western Myanmar.

Per Fox News, “Half a decade after a brutal wave of anti-Muslim violence exploded in this predominantly Buddhist nation, forcing more than 120,000 Rohingya Muslims into a series of camps in western Myanmar, this is what the government’s policy of persecution, segregation and neglect looks like up close.”

Critics have denounced Aung San Suu Kyi for permitting the human rights abuses of the Rohingya people from the military.

Al Arabiya explains, “Suu Kyi is simply ignoring what is actually happening in the state where extremist racist groups from the majority Buddhist community, with the support of the government machinery, are engaged in killing, looting, raping and are driving away the defenseless and besieged Rohingya people, who have been deprived of their nationality, freedom of movement and other rights including the right of marriage.”

Christian minority groups are also persecuted by the military of Myanmar. Many orphans whose parents have been killed are praying for their enemies who murdered their parents.

MNN states, “‘Many of them had actually seen their parents killed by the Burmese army,’” Romeijn says, ‘And these same kids were actually praying for the soldiers that persecute them. So they really truly have a vibrant faith, a real faith that’s not a faith of convenience, but a faith that’s real and tried and true and just a testimony of the forgiving and healing power of Jesus.’”

Please pray for the government to act on the abuses on the Rohingya and other minority groups. Pray for Christians in these groups to share Christ’s hope.

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