Taiwan Youth Missions Conference 40th Anniversary, Inspiring Tens of Thousands for the Mission Field

For 40 years, the Youth Missions Conference has impacted countless young people.They have found their mission field through the help of their predecessors.

TAIWAN – The triannual Taiwan Youth Missions Conference was held in early July. This five-day event, which gathers thousands of youths from throughout Taiwan, besides provoking thoughts through sermons and discussions, also has a missions exhibition for ministries from various fields to set up exhibits to inspire youths for missions.

Minister Huai-en Lee, Campus Fellowship Program Director:

There are many important perspectives that must be established at a young age, so when they are out in the real world, their faith can hold up, not only receiving salvation and the Word, but also to know the Kingdom of God, universal missions, and the purpose of their creation

“The Youth Missions Conference, since the first one, besides focusing on universal missions, has also adapted with the times. The first to fifth conferences focused on full-time ministry and cross-cultural missionaries, the sixth to eleventh were influenced by the Lausanne Conference, and promoted both professionalism and evangelism, focusing on the workplace; and since the 12th, the hope is to expand the scope and ‘bring the holistic Gospel to the world through the holistic Church,” said Pastor Yi-hong Zhuang, 14th Annual Youth Conference Chairman.

Pastor Zhuang added, “So far, more than 80% of Taiwan’s mission organizations have participated in the Youth Missions Conference. And at this year’s conference, many speakers and volunteers were all youths who have attended past conferences. And now, they returned to the same place to pass the torch where their passions were first lit.”

One of the missionary attendees, Yali Zhang, describes the impact of the Youth Conference,

Many people, in their spiritual lives, have not yet thought of missions or evangelism as their own responsibility. Because of the Youth Conference, they would begin to see that the responsibility and mission God gave them is building connections with others, including the unbelievers.

For 40 years, the Youth Missions Conference has impacted countless young people. Because of the sharing, support, and inspiring passion of their predecessors, they have found their mission field and have taken a step forward.

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