Brian’s Story of Transformation Through London City Mission

ENGLAND, LONDON — A series of bad choices led Brian to the streets of London, England. It was chaotic and destructive, and Brian was desperate. After a day of heavy drinking in Trafalgar Square, Brian was at rock bottom. He woke to find his trainers and trousers had been stolen. With nowhere else to turn, Brian arrived at the doors of the London City Mission Webber Street day centre for people who are homeless. Brian received clothes and hot food. He came again. He found kindness and care. He listened to the Gospel talk. And things began to change.

Brian shares how his life was transformed and how he seeks to help others who are homeless now.


“It saved my life. No question. I was on my way to death in a very big way. How I came to be homeless and living on the streets was a culmination of a lot of bad choices, circumstances and bad luck in some instances.”

“It was hard, it was lonely at times. Even though you’re surrounded by a lot of people in your mind you’ve still got a lot going on. You’re still quite lonely in that respect. It was proper difficult.

People knew Brian on the streets took him to Webber Street day centre.

Neil ToomeyLCM Field Director for Homeless and Marginalised:

“We are trying to minister to people who find themselves on the margins of society. That could be rough sleepers. That could be people struggling with mental health, alcohol and drug problems. So we’re really trying to aim for the people who are unseen. The people who are ignored and unvalued throughout London.”


“When I really needed somewhere to go in the morning we’d all go there and sit down. It might have even been a Bible study on a Tuesday. That’s where it all started.”

“The first one I’d ever done it was the parable of the mustard seed. The way that he broke it down and opened it up it made a lot of sense.”

Rob HooksLondon City Missionary:

“We try and reach the whole person. So the depth of our ministry happens where we can share the eternal promises of God that are fulfilled through Jesus Christ.”

God’s love softened his heart, Brian committed his life to Jesus.


“All this time through my life and the difficulties that I had, I’ve now got someone standing there telling me that ‘I’m there with you.’ My mate and I, we came out of the gym yesterday and he said, ‘Do you still feel God?’ I said ‘what we have to remember is God is always there.’ I said ‘It’s us that removes ourselves from Him,’ and I said ‘As long as you keep that in your mind everything will be alright.’

“To love someone who loves me unconditionally is easy, even though we still don’t get that right. He’s just waiting for the prodigal son. That love doesn’t change from Him. If I’m out and about and I see somebody who’s homeless or appears to be homeless, my first instinct is to see what can I do. I will sit down, have a chat with them, see what they need. Nine times out of ten you see that people out there, they just want to sit down and have a chat with someone. They just want to be noticed. They don’t want to feel invisible to anyone. So for me personally it’s just about sitting down with them, having that little chat.

“To have people’s support out there to help make what has probably been a really difficult time for that person really nice you can’t put money on that.”

About London City Mission

London City Mission exists to share with the people of London, patiently, sensitively and individually, the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ. We go where they live, where they work, where they are settled, where they are marginalised, where they are being cared for.

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