Imagine: Five Million Random Acts of Kindness Happening During Christmas

FRANKLIN, TN – The Giving Manger helps families shift the focus of Christmas back to giving Started by two moms in 2015, Allison and Lisa have managed to spread kindness throughout the Christmas season with just a book, manger, straw, and Baby Jesus.

Co-Founder and mom of 5 kids, Allison, says,

“The Giving Manger started out of a desire to make our own Christmas more centered around Jesus. We wanted our kids to remember to give instead of being so focused on the presents. We knew other parents probably had this desire too… but wow we’ve been blown away!”

While some use Elf on the Shelf, many families prefer The Giving Manger. Selling out three years in a row, the company is on track to almost triple their sales this Christmas. Which, to them, just means more families who want to get serious about starting a wave of kindness in their homes.

The Giving Manger uses a storybook that gets kids and families excited about the idea of giving to others. As Christmas approaches, each member of the family looks for opportunities to serve. Sometimes in the small, simple ways, sometimes in bigger ways. As they give a piece of straw is added to the Manger; on Christmas Day, the Manger is filled with Baby Jesus.

Christian Music Artist, Francesca Battistelli, says of The Giving Manger,

“My children LOVE it and have already started serving each other. The book that comes with the manger made me cry! Such a special way to celebrate the season and remind us what it’s all about it.”

Some take gifts to hospital patients. Others hand out flowers to strangers. Cards for the mailman. This year, when every piece of straw is placed in the manger as a result of giving, that will total 5 million acts of kindness in the month of December.

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