Gospel For Asia Supports Grief-stricken Sri Lankan Communities as Death Toll Rises Over 250

A social worker affiliated with Gospel for Asia (GFA) lost five family members in the Easter Sunday bombings that took the lives of over 250 people, the humanitarian mission agency announced Thursday.

Humanitarian Agency Gospel For Asia (GFA) Grieves its Social Worker’s Five Family Members Killed in Sri Lanka Easter Terror Bomb Attacks on Two Different Churches WILLS POINT, TX — Humanitarian agency Gospel For Asia (GFA), today announced that one of its social workers in Sri Lanka lost five family members in the Easter Sunday terror bomb attacks on two separate churches. Gospel for Asia (GFA) mourns the loss of her relatives and continues to pray for members of the community.

Terrorists’ serial church bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday claimed the lives of five family members of a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope social worker. Gospel for Asia (GFA) Founder K.P. Yohannan called on believers around the world to pray for the families, church leaders and believers amid attacks intended to intimidate and sow fear among those in the country.

The female social worker, who serves at a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope children’s center, was “in utter shock and great grief” after she discovered five of her relatives were killed in blasts at two separate churches, said Gospel for Asia (GFA) founder KP Yohannan. The victims included four members of the same family – both parents and their two children.

“Please pray for God’s comfort and peace upon the bereaved families,” Yohannan said.

“Pray that God will give them strength during this difficult time… and for protection upon all families and communities in Sri Lanka as insecurity and uncertainty continues.”

Funeral services have been held for the Gospel for Asia (GFA) worker’s family members, killed in the separate serial suicide bomber attacks. Terrorists targeted three churches, hotels and other locations. Gospel for Asia (GFA) also reported that a bomb had been defused on a street near one of its supported offices.

The latest death toll in the attacks, linked to an Islamic terror group, stood at 253, with the country’s president declaring a State of Emergency and deploying 7,000 security forces across Sri Lanka amid fears of possible unrest and further attacks.

“GFA-supported national workers will be part of the healing and restoration of shattered communities in the weeks to come,” said Yohannan.

In addition to providing relief aid, Gospel for Asia (GFA) maintains ongoing projects in Sri Lanka, including supporting Bridge of Hope centers that provide quality education, meals and medical care to children who were impacted by Sri Lanka’s devastating civil war. One center in the north is home to 120 children who have lost one or both parents to war. Gospel for Asia (GFA) also supports women’s Christian fellowships and radio ministry broadcasts.

“I ask for your prayers and support, that the people of Sri Lanka may find strength in God’s grace as they move forward,” KP Yohannan said.

“Please join us in praying that during these pain-filled days ahead, our brothers and sisters on the field would be the healing hands of Jesus to broken and hurting people.”

To join GFA’s prayer network for Sri Lanka, go to: www.gfa.org/pray/sri-lanka.

To schedule an interview with a Gospel for Asia representative, contact Gregg Wooding, greggwooding@inchristcommunications.com, or call 972-567-7660

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