Thousands Gather for Historic Baptize California Event; Baptize America Announced for June 2025

The inaugural Baptize California event concluded this weekend, marking a historic moment of unity and faith as thousands of believers.
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Huntington Beach, Ca — The inaugural Baptize California event concluded recently, marking a historic moment of unity and faith as thousands of believers participated in what may have been one of the largest water baptisms in history. The event, held on May 18 and 19, brought together churches from across the state and inter-denominational lines for a collective celebration of faith at Huntington State Beach and various other locations.

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Building on the success of last year’s Baptize SoCal, which saw over 4,100 individuals baptized at Pirate’s Cove, Baptize California aimed to amplify this momentum for the State.

The flagship event at Huntington State Beach featured a powerful lineup of worship and praise, including performances by Bethel Music, Martin Smith, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, SEU Worship, Oceans Music, Alexander Pappas, Sean Feucht, and other notable artists.

From 3:00 to 7:00 PM, attendees experienced a vibrant prayer, testimony, and worship atmosphere, culminating in mass baptisms along the Pacific shore.

The two-day event in Huntington drew an estimated 19,000 people Saturday and Sunday, creating a dynamic and joyful atmosphere of music and community. On Saturday, spontaneous baptisms added to the spirit of revival, resulting in 568 baptisms. Sunday’s grand culmination saw an even greater outpouring of faith, with the total number of baptisms soaring to over 6,015 as believers from all walks of life declared their faith.

Pastor Mark Francey of Oceans Church in Irvine, CA, the visionary behind Baptize California, emphasized the event’s significance in the context of California’s spiritual landscape. “God is not done with America and California. In the 1960s, Revival followed campus riots and national division. Light shines brightest in dark windows of time. The stage is set for the Church in California to rise up and work together to watch God light a match in our land once again! Another great awakening has begun!” said Pastor Mark.

Hundreds of churches across California participated in the synchronized baptism, each hosting its own ceremonies following its final services on May 19. This collaborative effort ensured that the event’s spirit resonated statewide, with local churches contributing to the overarching goal of spiritual unity and public declaration of faith. In total, over 300 churches participated in a celebration of faith, baptizing over 12,000 individuals across the state of California.

In light of this year’s success, Baptize California is already planning its next event, Baptize America, scheduled for June 8, 2025. This national initiative aims to extend the spirit of unity and revival across the entire country, inviting churches from all states to participate in a simultaneous baptism event.

“You could sense a great awakening, like rain before a storm. God ignited a revival yesterday! If this can happen in California, it can spread across America. My wife Rachelle and I are in awe of being part of the largest baptism in American history. Thank you, Oceans Church, for investing in revival. We’re now preparing to unite churches nationwide on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, for Baptize America,” said Pastor Mark.

For more information about Baptize America and its upcoming events or to sign up to host a baptism event, please visit Follow Baptize California on social media @baptize.california and Baptize America @baptizeamerica.

About Baptize California

Baptize California is a statewide movement uniting local churches under the common value of water baptism as a public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ.

About Baptize America

Baptize America is a nationwide initiative born from the extraordinary success of Baptize California and Baptize SoCal, which witnessed over 16,000 individuals baptized over the first two events. Inspired by the unprecedented spiritual revival seen at Huntington Beach and across California, Baptize America aims to unite churches nationwide for a simultaneous baptism event on Pentecost Sunday, June 8th, 2025. This movement seeks to foster unity, ignite faith, and inspire a new wave of spiritual awakening throughout the United States. By bringing congregations from coast to coast, Baptize America strives to create a collective celebration of faith and renewal, building on the transformative experiences of countless believers. The heart of Baptize America is to encourage people to be baptized and connected to a local church where they can grow in their walk with God. For more information, to register your church, or to help the vision go forward, donate, visit

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