World Help Provides Emergency Aid to Starving Venezuelans as Political Crisis Reaches Boiling Point

Venezuela Crisis — "The political unrest is creating a humanitarian crisis. One of our partners on the ground said it’s the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world right now."

Due to Geopolitics and the Declining Economy, Venezuela Finds Itself in the Middle of a Hunger Crisis FOREST, Va. — Venezuela was once considered the wealthiest country in South America. Today, however, growing discontent due to power cuts, food and medicine shortages, the plunging price of oil and political upheaval, has left this nation in turmoil.

Now Venezuela finds itself in the middle of a severe hunger crisis — dealing with runaway inflation that doubles the cost of basic necessities every 19 days. Grocery stores are empty, and what little food is left costs far more than most families can afford. Over 3 million Venezuelans have fled their homeland — twice the population of Philadelphia.

As many as a third of Venezuelans can afford to eat only one meal a day, which for numerous families is a mixture of cornstarch and water. Many adults have lost up to 40 percent of their body weight.

Working with their partners in South America, World Help is providing food and hygiene kits to those in direst need. One kit contains enough food and supplies for one person to survive for four weeks. The hope is to see the people of Venezuela through the other side of this hunger crisis.

“The people have lost everything,” said Vernon Brewer, founder and CEO of World Help. “Parents have given up businesses, homes and prized possessions just so their children can eat one more meal … a sacrifice prompted by love and desperation. We who can do something about the situation must do it now. Sending this emergency food is the best way for us to show immediate and tangible love to the people of Venezuela.”

World Help is currently raising funds to continue providing relief to the Venezuelan people. A $14 donation will provide an individual with emergency, nutrient-rich food and hygiene products for four weeks.

To learn more about the relief efforts or to donate, visit World Help’s Venezuela relief page.

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