Quote of the Day | 6.4.15

“91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target unevangelized countries, but countries that are already 95% evangelized.” ~ Barret and Johnson, World Christian Trends ~

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Quote of the Day | 6.5.15

“Time is short. The world is at the brink of eternity. Right now we have the greatest opportunity to rise up and take the victory of the cross to the last corners of this earth. The Lord Jesus is graciously calling a remnant to the joys of simple obedience. For those who respond, I believe… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 6.5.15

Quote of the Day | 6.8.15

“As we have a high old time this Christmas may we who know Christ hear the cry of the damned as they hurtle headlong into the Christless night without ever a chance. May we be moved with compassion as our Lord was. May we shed tears of repentance for these we have failed to bring… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 6.8.15

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Quote of the Day | 6.10.15

“Only 2.4% of all foreign missonaries go to the unevangelized world.” ~ Barrett and Johnson, World Christian Trends ~

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Quote of the Day | 6.13.15

“The missionary life and ministry of Hudson Taylor were marked by four imprssive achievements: 1. he did the work of a missionary as defined by the Lord Jesus; 2. he proclaimed the New Testament missionary message; 3. he paved the way for authentic, indigenous churches; 4. he developed and possessed an inner life that reflected… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 6.13.15

Quote of the Day | 5.16.15

“The Holy Spirit, when we give Him the freedom to work, prompts spontaneous growth and expansion.” ~ K.P. Yohannan, Revolution in World Missions ~

Quote of the Day | 5.20.15

“By rediscovering the correct emphasis on New Testament priorities rather than becoming preoccupied with institutions and social services, the church [in China] has actually grown faster and stronger than it did under foreign missionary control.” ~ K.P. Yohannan, Come Let’s Reach the World ~

Quote of the Day | 5.24.15

“Great Commission Christians don’t care who gets the glory or who is on the front lines. Instead, they are willing to be goers or senders as the Lord leads. If our hearts are in the right place, we will want to be involved in the battle wherever the Commander-in-Chief puts us. We know from Acts… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 5.24.15

Quote of the Day | 5.13.15

“The apostles learned “Missionary Principles and Practices 101” at the feet of Jesus, the master missionary. There is no better place, therefore, to begin forming a New Testament missionary definition than by studying the life of our Lord Jesus Himself. The Lord, who founded the Church and gave us our missionary marching orders, was, in… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 5.13.15

Quote of the Day | 5.6.15

“In Luke 19:10, Jesus clearly stated His primary mission: “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” Jesus knew that the main problem of mankind is sin, and that’s why His primary mission was to die on the cross to deliver us from it” ~ K.P. Yohannan,… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 5.6.15

Quote of the Day | 5.9.15

“Thus, for the Western church today, priority number one must no longer be going but rather must be sending. Priority number two, then, should be going as servants to train and assist our brothers and sisters in finishing this final task.” ~ K.P. Yohannan, Come, Let’s Reach the World ~  

Quote of the Day | 4.25.15

“How then does a true missionary start an indigenous church? For anyone in the Two-Thirds World today, it begins with a decision to identify totally with Christ. It means being willing to live with the suffering and poverty of unreached people – unselfishly surrendering comforts, security and privacy in order to reach them. Missionary life… Continue reading Quote of the Day | 4.25.15

Moravian Movement

“I have but one passion: It is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ.” ― Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf Introduction It was a stormy night on… Continue reading Moravian Movement

Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael was born in Ireland on December 16, 1867. As a young girl, she would often pray for her brown eyes to turn blue so she could fit in with everyone else.

William Carey

Carey was born in England in 1761. As a young adult, Carey was a cobbler. During this time, he started studying the Bible. While going through the Bible, he became convinced that the heart of God is to reach the lost.

William Cameron Townsend

“Understanding Scripture in a language other than the heart language in which we think and experience emotion is “like trying to eat soup with a fork. You can get a little taste, but you cannot get nourished.” ― William Cameron Townsend Townsend was passing out Spanish Bibles. One day, a Cakchiquel Indian came up and… Continue reading William Cameron Townsend

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