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TIMISOARA, ROMANIA — The Alfa Omega TV Magazine aims to amplify the importance of the values, we promote as a Christian media work. We believe that there is a need for materials that address practical issues of life and spiritual growth. The magazine addresses Romanian believers regardless of denomination, age or geographical area. Since 2011, we have been printing and shipping the Alfa Omega TV Magazine at no charge, with our TV program schedule and Christian life articles. Let’s watch a report about the history, themes and opinions of those who receive the magazine Alfa Omega TV Magazine.

In the age of technology, while printed media has lost ground in favor of digital support, the Alfa Omega TV Magazine continues to be printed and distributed to more than 11,000 subscribers in the country. The publication addresses Romanian believers regardless of denomination. The magazine has been published since 2011 and contains articles on Christian life and the TV program schedule.

Tudor Pețandirector, Alfa Omega TV:

Together with Sorin, my son, we decided 12 years ago to create this magazine. He has been the coordinator of this magazine for 12 years. Now as we go into its 13th year, the magazine continues to gain in popularity both in the classic print format and in the online format available on the website.

Sorin Pețanfounder, Alfa Omega TV Magazin:

The first issue of the magazine appeared in December 2011 and had exactly 16 pages. It contained the program schedule for the Alfa Omega TV channel at that time, and only about two or three articles. Over time, from December 2011 until now, we’ve continued to grow, both in number of pages and in our circulation.

With the help of the magazine we want to amplify the importance of the values we promote as a Christian media ministry.

Tudor Pețan:

For a media ministry focused on television and social media, the appearance of a magazine seems a bit odd. But the Lord spoke to us more than 12 years ago to launch such a magazine that reflects, enshrines, and amplifies the values that we promote through other means of broadcasting or social media.

Sorin Pețan:

We divide the magazine into two big stages. Up to 2014, around April, we had editions in which we had various columns, for example spiritual growth, a column about music, but from 2014 until now we began having thematic editions.

The subjects covered are diverse: what it means to be an authentic Christian, knowing our identity as Christians, about healing, deliverance and restoration, about God’s blessing, the Christian’s presence in the public square, or understanding the times.

Tudor Pețan:

The last magazine, of November-December, is about identity and spiritual authority. An important, foundational subject for every Christian regardless of denominational nuance. The penultimate issue, “Be Free!”, is about the ministry of healing, deliverance, restoration, a ministry that is gaining weight and scope now in the Body of Christ beyond any religious denomination.

In July-August we had an interesting, taboo topic, little addressed in our churches, “How can I be blessed”. As our Father, God wants to bless us abundantly. We just have to receive and fulfill some conditions so that we can be blessed both in health and in the material area. Of course, in March-April God put it on our hearts to come with the theme “An Authentic Christian”, a definition of what it means to be an authentic Christian beyond denominational color, a theme of great interest.

We synthesized here the values, contributions, opinions, points of view of several leaders from various religious denominations. We also addressed narrower themes at the end of last year, “God Speaks”, an interesting series about trying to emphasize the idea that God speaks to every believer not only to certain gifted people, not only in the strictly prophetic area, but to everyone who hears His voice, to each of His children.

The circulation of the Alfa Omega TV Magazine is now 11,100 copies, compared to 3 thousand in the first year of publication. At the same time, the number of pages doubled from 16 to 32.

Tudor Pețan:

At the end of this year 2022, is a magazine with a circulation of 11,100 copies distributed for free. It is the largest distribution of Christian material printed in the Romanian language. We are happy about it, and those who follow us are happy with us.

Adrian VladTârgoviște:

I read almost all of your magazines, I can’t lie and say all of them, but almost all of them. I resonate a lot with the message, with the holistic vision of reaching society. I want to tell you that many of the articles that you support and promote are things that we are trying to fulfill in the local church, which, we hope, will have an impact also in society.

Iosif DreptateOcna Mureș:

I am especially happy and have a great love for the Alfa Omega magazine. I follow its appearance with great interest and I confess that I do not leave any article unread or unsummarized.

Ionuț DuraAlba Iulia:

Thank you for the materials that are distributed free of charge, for the study materials, the magazine with the TV schedule that is distributed nationally. You are doing an amazing job.

Paula DeceanOcna Mureș:

Thank you so much for all you do, for the support, for everything, and for the magazines, and for all the free resources we can get from you.

Adrian Vlad:

I really encourage you to keep going with relevant topics because there are many young pastors like me who want to be salt and light in society. The diversity of opinions, the fact that there is no homogeneity in ideas, is an extraordinary thing. I encourage you to continue doing this because it is for the glory of the Lord and for the building up of local churches.

In 2022, almost 64,000 copies of Alfa Omega TV Magazin magazine were printed and distributed. Efforts for the creation of this publication are concentrated in three major directions: the editorial part of content creation, printing and delivery by post or courier.

Tudor Pețan:

We thank those who help to promote this magazine, to print it, to the editorial effort. It’s a magazine that is distributed for free, supernaturally, throughout Romania. It is another of the media channels that Alfa Omega uses and does it all with God’s help and with the help of many who follow us.

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