As COVID Worsens the Church Aids the Needy in Wanhua

Pastor Wen is preparing supplies for Wanhua residents in Taiwan who were caught unprepared for the sudden spike in COVID cases.

TAIWAN — Wanhua District in Taipei, Taiwan has the city’s highest concentration of low income residents. During the COVID pandemic, many become nervous when Wanhua is mentioned. But while most people want to leave, there are some who feel compassion for the people there.

Pastor Wen is preparing supplies for Wanhua residents who were caught unprepared for the sudden spike in COVID cases.

As soon as lockdown measures were announced grocery prices spiked, and there were shortages of many items. Everyone was rushing to stock up, so these lower-income families had even less opportunity to buy what they need.

To prevent the spread of COVID, residents in need of these care packages must call ahead and come in 20 minute intervals. These protective measures mean Pastor Wen can’t meet them face-to-face, but he provides detailed instructions through the door.

In addition to helping church members, they also partnered with the district authorities to provide aid for anyone in Wanhua.

The 8 district supervisors here are all in communication, and we invite the supervisors to come pick up supplies and distribute them to residents in need.

Not only does the church open its storehouse to distribute supplies, they also have a phone ministry to comfort and counsel anxious residents. Pastor Wen says there are still many undetected infections in Wanhua, so many people stay away and the atmosphere is tense.

Since God called me to stand here in Wanhua, I believe he gave me a responsibility and a job to do here. Since he has called me, I believe he will also protect me.

In the battle against COVID, everyone is doing their part, and Pastor Wen is no exception. He faithfully serves in the little things, a beautiful example of how churches can support the community around them. This is GOOD TV News reporting from Wanhua Taiwan.

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