Restoring Childhoods in Afghanistan

A special needs school in Afghanistan is using sports and arts to help heal traumatized kids which is supported by Christian charity CRY.

AFGHANISTAN —A special needs school in Kabul in Afghanistan is using play, sports and arts to help heal traumatized kids who have lost their childhoods. The project is supported by Christian charity CRY.

A school project supported by Christian charity Cry is restoring the lost childhoods of special needs kids in Kabul in Afghanistan.

Cry’s Emma Gott explains more about how they’re bringing healing to young lives.

We want to first of all help them recover from the trauma that many of these children have gone through and the way we do that is by providing playing opportunities, art lessons, we provide sporting activities in a country where all of these things are not really happening.

As someone famously said, there is no playing opportunities or there is no childhood for children and therefore that is one of the things that we want to do as a charity is provide these opportunities for children to have fun, to access art, to access leisure so that will help them overcome their trauma.

About CRY

CRY is a Christian children’s charity which believes in a world where all children and young people are able to fulfil their God-given potential.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Restoring Childhoods in Afghanistan

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