Christian Syrian Mother and Son Share their Earthquake Experience

Christian Syrian mother and son share their earthquake experience

SYRIA — Apo and Jina have featured in several years of Open Doors’ ongoing Hope for the Middle East campaign. Here, they share their experience of the earthquake and their hope for the future.

Apo and Jina:

I was sleeping on the bed next to my son. A mild earthquake started and then it got stronger. And my son said: ‘Mum, there is an earthquake. Mum get up’. He was so terrified.

Then the earthquake stopped and I said to him it is over. So he asked me: ‘Were you scared?’

I said ‘Yes I was. Not about myself, but about you.’

I went down with Apo to the street, but I told him, ‘Let’s go back to our house.’ Honestly I was afraid that the house would be robbed. Then my brother said, ‘Come and sleep over at my place and you can go back to your house in the morning.’

I wish that people would start praying again and that all of us would be united, one hand and that we’d love each other, for the sake of families that lost their loved ones.

As long as God is with us, we should not be scared. Who would be against us?

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  1. May God give you strength… we feel helpless too not knowing how to help. Jesu.. Maranathsna.. come wuickly Jesu today

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