Christians Bringing Godly Impact to UK Media

Synagogue shootings in the United States to Christians imprisoned in Iran or China, acts of both Anti-Semitism & Christian persecution are rising worldwide.

UNITED KINGDOM – A major organization is seeking to enable Christians working in, and with, the UK media to flourish and become key influencers, to see churches engaging positively in these platforms, and to see the life-affirming Gospel message of faith, hope and love increasingly reflected in this challenging arena.

So how are they practically achieving this?

Christians In Media gathers regularly to support and encourage those working in a profession that can bring many challenges when it comes to standing up for your faith, as their chairman Steve Cox explains:

This is their job. This is their career and to stand up and start declaring that the truth is the word of God in some of the secular context is quite difficult, quite challenging. So I think one of the major challenges is how we can help Christians who are serving God in media express their love for God in a way which Is not necessarily proselytizing but to be influential, to be people who are listened to. People not necessarily in big major meetings, but maybe around the water cooler. But they have some kind of impact because the character of Christ is seen in them.

One of those seeking to bring a Godly impact into the UK’s mainstream media is Australian author, speaker and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey who was recently featured on BBC News on the issue of childlessness for men. This was after he and his wife were unable to start a family themselves after trying for ten years. He’s since written a number of books around this issue which he says has given him a great platform in the media to share his faith.

I’m in this space of helping people start again after their broken dreams finding new hope and new life and I’m finding that connects not just with Christian audiences but mainstream audiences as well who wants to hear from somebody who’s gone through those difficult wilderness times and somehow can still believe in God through that.

Steve Cox concluded by sharing that it’s vital that Christians working in the media are supported by their local churches, which is why they’ve launched a day of prayer for the media on the 3rd of November this year.

We’re inviting churches to set aside time in their services to pray for their local media, the media in general pray for those in their church community who work in and with media to honor them and pray for them about the challenges they face.

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