Churches Serve as Shelter and Support for Hurricane Eta Victims in Central America

After the passing of the destructive Hurricane Eta over Honduras & Nicaragua, churches & ministries open their doors to shelter those affected

HONDURAS — After the passing of the destructive Hurricane Eta over Honduras and Nicaragua, churches and ministries open their doors to shelter those affected. The temples also serve as a center for the gathering and distribution of food and other essential resources.

Hurricane Eta has left devastation on its path through Central America. Honduras and Nicaragua have been the hardest hit by the storm.

Heavy rains caused severe flooding that left many people trapped in their homes and workplaces unable to evacuate.

Some have had to be airlifted by the Honduran Air Force…

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández announced that millions of resources will be allocated to rebuild the damaged road infrastructure.

Juan Orlando Hernández – President of Honduras:

“Special forces teams, both from the armed forces, the national police and the fire departments, have been working on rescuing families who have been left on the roofs of their homes or in places of high danger”.

Churches and ministries have already begun to offer help to those affected, setting up their temples as places of refuge. In addition, they are beginning to collect resources such as food to give to those affected by the hurricane.

Patricia Mejía – Harvest International Ministry:

“We are distributing food at the shelter we opened in the temple. The aid that the people bring is being given to the families who are in the shelter, which are brothers and sisters who were flooded and who, thank God, were able to leave their homes safely.

Jimmy Sanchez – Damaged:

“We thank the pastor and Harvest Ministry for opening the doors and supporting us. We have many families, children, and animals that are sheltered here, and help is reaching us, so we want to thank each one of those who are helping us.

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