COVID-19 Causes People Worldwide to Seek Spiritual Assurance at Unprecedented Levels

As the COVID-19 virus stokes worldwide fear for physical, financial well-being, GMO sees rise in inquiries on faith, God and the Bible during this pandemic.

PLANO, TX – As the COVID-19 virus stokes worldwide fear for physical, financial and employment well-being, Global Media Outreach – the pioneer and leader in online ministry – is seeing an unprecedented rise in inquiries about faith, God and the Bible during this pandemic.

“Fear is a natural response to a situation like this that none of us have encountered before,” said Global Media Outreach Founder and Chairman Walt Wilson.

“What we’re seeing is millions of people open to talking about faith in the face of fear, and we’re ramping up to be available for them. According to Google, searches about fears around the virus, uncertain finances and employment are growing rapidly.”

Global Media Outreach reaches individuals around the world on the Internet, mobile and a proprietary, secure messaging system. As individuals respond to a message of hope online, they receive support to grow in their faith and are connected to Christian community.

Founded in 2004, the organization has reached close to 2 billion people and seen more than 223 million respond positively to a message of faith and hope in Jesus. The internet ministry pioneer has touched lives in every country on, offering spiritual guidance, encouragement and peace.

Now, even that number is growing, and Global Media Outreach is issuing a call to meet the demand.

“We have grown strategically and intentionally so that through our staff and volunteers we can scale up to meet the higher and higher levels of need we’re seeing now,” said President Jeff Gowler.

“With uncertainty about COVID-19, our personal touches have gone from 350,000 people per day reaching now upwards to 500,000. The only limit we face is the financial cost of telling people we’re available through online and social media ads. People dealing with fear and anxiety need comfort and support, and we’re here to help.”

Global Media Outreach has 3,500 online volunteers, speaking 50 different languages, who answer questions all over the globe and pray for and guide new believers on their spiritual journey through a safe and anonymous system.

“During the present pandemic, Gospel Media Outreach helps those that are hurting and afraid,” Gowler said.

“We provide a highly personal interaction without physical contact, so those quarantined can still have a deeply personal connection with online volunteers who will encourage and pray for them.”

“Right now, matters of faith are front and center for all 7 billion people on our planet. We’re calling for people to be bold in uncertain times and partner with us to replace distress with hope and to lead millions to peace and assurance through a relationship with Jesus.”

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About Global Media Outreach

Global Media Outreach’s vision is to give every person on earth multiple opportunities to know Jesus Christ. It is their mission to see hundreds of millions receive Him, build them in faith and connect them to Christian community. Global Media Outreach uses, and other websites in 12 primary languages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in more than 200 countries. Through its worldwide digital outreach, upwards of 500,000 individuals currently each day will receive an online Gospel presentation. Of these, an average of 60,000 will indicate they have received Jesus and approximately 10,000 will ask for more information. Individuals will be contacted by one of 3,500 online volunteers for personal guidance and counsel. Global Media Outreach will then connect the individual with a local church or Christian community.

CONTACT: Michael Conrad, 214-616-0320,

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