Evangelists Andrew and Wendy Palau Joined Dozens of Churches for Festival Palau: Panama

At the invitation of dozens of local churches in Panama, the Palau Association will share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Panama City.
Photo by Palau.org

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA — At the invitation of dozens of local churches in Panama, the Palau Association shared the Good News of Jesus Christ in Panama City, from February 26 – March 2, 2024, through numerous outreach events and a 2-day family festival in the heart of the city. Thousands gathered for the festival on Friday and Saturday, March 1 and 2. The free, family-fun festival was focused on serving the region and sharing a clear message of hope with the entire nation.

Photo by Palau.org

Working with, through, and for the local Church, this unified, area-wide campaign proclaimed the life-changing message of Jesus Christ on a nationwide scale and introduced a new model for long-term community change. The campaign was also uniting believers in Panama as well as local pastors and leaders, encouraging them in the Word, focusing on continued unity, and inspiring them to keep evangelism a top priority.

This campaign been long overdue. The last time the Palau Association had the opportunity to work alongside the believers of Panama was more than 30 years ago. The Lord has opened these doors to the team and their strategy builds upon decades of ministry in Latin America. The reach of this festival was extended continent-wide through social media, radio, and television.

Through Palau’s unique partnership among churches, as well as corporate and civic leaders, the Panama Festival included:

  • A powerful family-fun evangelistic festival. The 2-day event put local training into action and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ on a grand scale. It included live Christian musical performances from the likes of Redimi2, Ingrid Rosario, Kike Pavón, and others; special outreaches for children; and clear proclamations of the Gospel from Andrew Palau.
  • Affinity events reaching key sectors of society. Taking every opportunity to share the Gospel with the entire region, Andrew and Wendy Palau also hosted special evangelistic gatherings for key sectors of society, including prison outreaches, gatherings for women, and a dinner for business and civic leaders.
  • Bold community impact. Thousands of volunteers committed hundreds of volunteer hours to the local community leading up to the festival through united, long-term efforts focused on the region’s greatest needs.

While local leaders continue in this effort, the Palau Association will continue on in supporting similar campaigns in cities across the globe. Upcoming outreaches include campaigns in Austin, Texas; Kingston, Jamaica; Teesside, England; Lusaka, Zambia; Mendoza, Argentina, and more.

You can learn more about the Luis Palau Association and their worldwide work at www.palau.org.

About the Luis Palau Association

For more than 60 years the Luis Palau Association has existed to proclaim the Good News, unite the Church, and impact cities worldwide. In addition to citywide evangelistic festivals and an ever-growing global network of evangelists, the team also uses a far-reaching media ministry including online Bible training and daily radio shows on 5,539 radio outlets in 59 countries and a social media community of nearly 20 million followers hearing daily Gospel messages and encouragement. The Palau Association has had the opportunity to work with thousands of churches in hundreds of cities around the world, including nine top global cities: London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago, Moscow, Madrid, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Washington D.C. They also have strong international experience with extensive ethnic and cultural understanding.

About Andrew Palau

For more than 25 years Andrew Palau has shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with millions of individuals around the world through festivals, digital media, and the printed word. In his role as evangelist for the Luis Palau Association, he has been instrumental in building the LPA model for citywide evangelistic outreach to every sector of society. He has led hundreds of citywide campaigns on six continents, with notable festivals in Washington, DC; New York City, New York; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Manado, Indonesia; Cairo, Egypt; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Bogota, Colombia; San Jose, Costa Rica; Kingston, Jamaica; Lilongwe, Malawi; Abidjan‎, Cote d’Ivoire; and Manchester, England.

Andrew is also passionate about raising up other evangelists through a global network spanning 71 nations, offering encouragement and insight to nearly two thousand emerging voices.

Andrew’s weekly radio broadcasts and ongoing digital Gospel campaigns are heard by millions of people in nearly every nation. He is also the author of multiple books, including Secret Life of a Fool, a retelling of his personal journey to faith in Christ, and What is Christmas?, a groundbreaking evangelistic book published in China in 2012.

He and his wife, Wendy, live in Portland, Oregon, close to the world headquarters of the Palau ministry. They have three children, Christopher, Jonathan, and Sadie.

CONTACT: Jay Fordice, jay.fordice@palau.org

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