Faith Communities Join Forces to Help Migrants on the Mexico Border

Ministries and faith communities are joining forces to serve and assist the migrants who are at the northern border of Mexico.

MEXICO — While authorities and officials search for political and humanitarian solutions to the migration crisis, there is a human side that is often overlooked. Víctor Hugo Castillo, from Reynosa, Mexico, introduces us to ministries and faith communities that are joining forces to serve and assist the migrants who are at the northern border of Mexico, waiting for their turn to present themselves to U.S. immigration officials.

Faith organizations and communities respond to help those who escape political persecution, lack of freedom, violence, lack of work and shortage of basic products.

Man 1:

Seeing so many people who have left their homes, with small children, elderly people and everything, and who are fighting to cross and to go to another country.

Woman 1:

The truth is a very sad situation because there is really a lot of need. You don’t realize until you visit these places and you realize what is happening to people.

Food, water, hygiene kits, kits for women and babies, among other humanitarian aid, are delivered to hundreds of migrants in the Albergue Zenda de Vida in Reynosa, Mexico.

Man 2:

We came to give a refrigerator to the people who need it the most, but in reality, we are the ones who are going to be blessed.

Man 3:

It is the word of God that whoever gives it to the poor, God will give it to him.

The teamwork and delivery of the donated items was a collaboration between the Ministry of the River, the Baptist Convention General of Texas, the 13-2 Initiative, the Rio Grande Bible Church of Macal, Texas, the Menonites, the Methodist Church, the House of Miracles of Monterrey, and the community eaters Yo Soy el Pan de Vida de Reynosa, among others.

Woman 2:

And to know that everything comes from God’s hand, that we are only servants of the Lord, and that we only serve a God of power.

Man 1:

The Church has two functions. One, to help them physically and the other, to help them spiritually. Because it is not only for the man to live. It is very important that they receive material help, but also receive the Word.

Man 3:

It is something that lasts forever. Sooner or later it will be over, but the Word of God, even if the world ends, the Word will always remain. And the help comes just in time, so the migrant community is very grateful.

Because they know that even though the migrants are passing through, eventually many of them will arrive to the United States where they will also join a community of faith in their final destination.

Man 4:

We thank the churches, the religious organizations that come and support us because that is a very strong arm for the support of all these migrant brothers who are going through this struggle in which it is to migrate to a better future.

Man 4:

We cannot be strangers to help our neighbor because that is what God has sent us.

Woman 2:

This work is for the Lord, that each person knows that glory and honor are for Him. That they participate, that more churches join, that more people join.

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