‘God Touched My Heart’ at Franklin Graham’s Festival in Mexico City

Discover the impact of Festival Esperanza sudada de Mexico, an event that brings hope to the people of Mexico City who often feel empty.

MEXICO CITY — Discover the impact of Festival Esperanza sudada de Mexico, an event that brings hope to the people of Mexico City who often feel sad and empty. This festival exists to share the gospel and obey God’s will, giving people the opportunity to experience the love and acceptance of the Father, who welcomes them home with open arms. Join us and be a part of this transformative event.

David RuizEsperanza CDMX Interpreter:

Mexico City is one of the most populated city around the world. People are really sad. People are empty. For that reason I believe that this Festival Esperanza sudada de Mexico comes at the right moment at the right time for the people people is looking for hope. We are obeying God’s will which is the Great Commission to share the gospel in this city.

Franklin Graham:

The father is watching and all of a sudden in the distance, He strains his eyes, he begins to look that’s my son. Runs to his son. He puts his arms around him. He hugs and kisses him. Welcome home.


When he told me the part about the prodigal son, God touched my heart. He was talking about my life. There was a moment where I didn’t even realize I was walking down the aisle. My father was here tonight, waiting for me, with his arms wide open.


God is waiting for us again, with open arms, to clothe us, to forgive us.

Man 2:

I needed to ask God for forgiveness. I forgot about Him. God gave me a second chance.

About Esperanza CDMX 2023

Esperanza CDMX 2023 is an evangelistic project organized by evangelical churches in Mexico City in partnership with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It aims to reach out to those who do not know Christ and witness the conversion of hundreds of thousands of people on five continents. The project will culminate in a two-day festival of hope at the Arena CDMX on February 11 and 12, 2023, featuring a message of hope from Franklin Graham and music from Marcos Witt, Miel San Marcos, Nadia, Michael W. Smith and Dennis Agajanian.

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