Grand Canyon University Cityserve Distributes over $10 Million Worth of Goods

Grand Canyon University CityServe has reached a major milestone, having supplied over $10 million in household goods.

PHOENIX — Grand Canyon University’s CityServe has reached a major milestone, having supplied over $10 million in household goods and necessities to more than 30,000 Arizona families, including nearly 32,000 children, in the past two years.

GCU CityServe was formed in 2021 after the University partnered with CityServe and its collaborative network of faith-based nonprofits, corporate, retail, farm and food supply partners to create a major distribution HUB on the GCU campus, the first university to do so. Surplus goods from major retailers such as Costco, Amazon and Walmart have been distributed from GCU’s warehouse directly to families in need and to its point-of-distribution partners (PODs) who help identify additional families.

The GCU HUB relies heavily on volunteers, with over 25,000 volunteer hours going into the operation since 2021.

“GCU CityServe has become a main pillar of the University’s 5-point plan to transform our surrounding community. As Christians, we are called to serve others and the number of families we have been able to help since 2021 is absolutely incredible,” GCU President Brian Mueller said. “There is a major surplus of goods, but at the same time there is need everywhere you look. GCU CityServe’s ability to connect that surplus with those in need is making a real difference.”

GCU CityServe has 140 PODs across the state. The PODs are local organizations such as churches, schools and social service organizations that help GCU CityServe identify the families in need. Examples of individuals the GCU HUB has been able to help include:

  • A husband and wife who are recovering addicts were given a large 8-seat table which they now use to host Bible study groups, a sectional, and other household goods.
  • A woman battling cancer was given a recliner since she cannot sleep flat on her back.
  • A single father whose wife died of an illness received a crib, clothing and other essentials for their baby.
  • A recovering addict was given a sofa, dining room table, dresser and more to furnish his apartment.
  • A foster family of five children received home furnishings.
  • An addiction and homelessness rehabilitation facility received outdoor furniture.
  • A single mother of four received furnishings after her apartment was destroyed by a fire.
  • And so much more.

“Over the past couple years, it has been incredible to see students, parents, and faculty wrap their arms around this initiative,” GCU CityServe HUB Manager Nathan Cooper said. “With the help of our volunteers, we have been able to impact tens of thousands of individuals and families throughout the state of Arizona with much needed resources. We work diligently with our PODs to provide them with the goods they requested, ensuring that we are being the best stewards of the goods that God has entrusted us with.”

In 2021, 35,000 feet of warehouse space was created to house all the goods. Shortly after, the warehouse was expanded to more than 88,000 feet to keep up with the demand of incoming goods.

About Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949 and is Arizona’s premier private Christian university. GCU is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers 312 academic programs, emphases and certificates for both traditional undergraduate students and working professionals. The University’s curriculum emphasizes interaction with classmates, both in-person and online, and individual attention from instructors while fusing academic rigor with Christian values to help students find their purpose and become skilled, caring professionals. For more information, visit

About CityServe

CityServe is a collaborative network of churches and community leaders who help those in need live better lives. CityServe empowers the local church to fulfill its purpose to overcome despair and transform lives by resourcing them with tangible goods and capacity building. CityServe brings the church to the table to address community challenges by offering long-lasting relationships that lead to transformation and has been designated a “Community of Faith and Opportunity” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. For more information about CityServe and its initiatives, please visit or on social platforms @cityservehq.

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