Helping Vulnerable with Heating in East Ukraine’s Forgotten City

Christian charity Mercy Projects is helping provide heating supplies to vulnerable people in East Ukraine devastated by the war.

IZIUM, EAST UKRAINE — Christian charity Mercy Projects is helping provide vital heating supplies to some of the most vulnerable people in East Ukraine who have been devastated by the war. Their team recently delivered wood burning stoves and clothing to people in the ‘forgotten city’ of Izium which had been under Russian occupation until September 2022.


Until September 2022 the East Ukrainian city of Izium was under Russian occupation. With 80% of the infrastructure destroyed it’s now like a ghost town with a dwindling population of mostly elderly people, who are extremely vulnerable during the harsh winter months.

But one Christian ministry is doing what it can to help the people of this forgotten city.

Mercy Projects behind me is providing wood stoves for people in this town mostly elderly people are the only people left behind and so this ministry is demonstrating God’s love in action today here in East Ukraine.

And during their distribution Mercy Projects Founder Jeff Thompson spoke to Olga and asked her why she had stayed here:

Me and my granddaughter were in the Czech Republic but as soon as Izium was liberated we came back. But my house is destroyed. They had three bombs fallen on our house. The roof was gone and the windows were gone but we already repaired that. My children couldn’t live in the house because we didn’t have any heating but now thanks to your stove I’m sure they will come back to their apartment. Sorry for the tears, please forgive me. It was so scary.

And Mercy Projects is continuing to help the most vulnerable people devastated by the war in Ukraine by providing vital heating supplies.

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About Mercy Projects

Mercy Projects ( is a faith based agency committed to child and family development domestically and internationally. They work with at-risk young people to provide for basic needs as well as better education opportunities. Their focus is on the younger generation, the two million “children at risk” living in the former Soviet Union regions who need assistance to become healthy well adjusted adults. They identify those at risk and design support programs together with church and ministry partners to assist young people in their development. They currently are working in: Ukraine, Kosovo, Russia, Armenia, & our own backyard (Riverside County, CA).

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