‘Legacy of Adam’ Christian Animation Series Set to Reach 50 Million Muslim Homes

SWAHILI — Using advanced computer technology, the new animated series “The Legacy of Adam” aims to impact families from all faith backgrounds with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Recorded in Swahili and translated in English for a potential impact of 50 million Muslim families the Legacy of Adam will showcase the gospel message from the Old Testament to the life of Christ.

A Christian animation project is aiming to reach the homes of 50 million Muslims of the hope of Christ.

Produced in Tanzania and East Africa, the 26-part Legacy of Adam series is recorded in Swahili and will showcase the Gospel message from the Old Testament to the life of Christ.

Listen carefully. Do you hear that sound? Can you hear a melody? I think perhaps the best way to describe the Creator is song. The Creator of all things, the master of song.

His creator is Roger Gihlemoen, a Norwegian missionary in Tanzania.

Roger Gihlemoen:

I wish this to come into the phones of Muslim moms who can show this to their kids and they can watch this and discover that the story about God, Jesus, Abraham, and so much more than what they have access to, because this is the case. It’s so much wider.

He explains how they plan to impact many more Muslims around the world through the Legacy of Adam series.


The secret plan of the project is to reach a bunch of unreached people groups. That is why we recorded this in Tanzania with East African actors, just to get a completely different approach to this. And we are partnering up with a bunch of people in order to get a wide range of different languages. And they are very excited about this.

And Gihlemoen will continue to work alongside project partner Norea Media Mission to achieve their goal of reaching the unreached from across the globe.

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