Millions in Intercession on the National Day of Prayer

Millions to be Praying on the National Day of Prayer

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Thursday, May 4, was America’s National Day of Prayer, a day when people of faith united to lift up pleas and intercessions before Almighty God on behalf of the nation.

Photo by The Presidential Prayer Team

For nearly 22 years, The Presidential Prayer Team has actively encouraged prayer for the United States and those who are in positions of leadership. Members, friends, and churches came together in the online National Prayer Room and submitted written and audible prayers so that others could join in agreement with them, as they prayed and responded to fellow prayer warriors. Additionally, there were many other resources available, including a prayer guide, video broadcast, a guided audio prayer session for our leaders, and more!

Jim Bolthouse, president of the prayer team, said, “Our nation continues to face many challenges. Even though we have come through the pandemic, the U.S. economy is still struggling. Divisions in society and in the government have grown wider, to the point that some wonder if they can even be bridged. But we know that God is able to heal and restore. And we are confident that He hears us and responds when we pray. Join with us as we remind America that we are one nation, under God, and prayer is urgently needed now!”

Join us online at or at www.Pray.Team.

President Jim Bolthouse is available for radio, television, or press interviews.

About The Presidential Prayer Team

Founded in 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team is the nation’s largest, full-time nonpartisan ministry dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people to pray for the president and leadership of the United States of America. The ministry is a registered 501(c)(3) with accreditations from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and Charity Navigator. The Presidential Prayer Team proudly maintains memberships in both Christian Music Broadcasters and National Religious Broadcasters.

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