Operation Mobilization Ship Ministry Celebrates 50 Years at Sea

Operation Mobilisation (OM) is celebrating the 50th year anniversary since their first ministry ship took to the seas.

UNITED KINGDOM — The pioneering vessel, Logos, and her volunteer crew left a shipyard in Rotterdam on 18 February 1971. They were bound for London, where the refitted ship was shown to supporters of the venture and loaded with literature for her maiden voyage. In the five decades since, the ministry’s four vessels have covered enough nautical miles to circumnavigate the globe five times; with crew having welcomed almost 49 million people up the gangways and reached out to perhaps as many more again on shore. Logos, Doulos, Logos II and Logos Hope have shared knowledge, help and hope in 150 countries; distributed hundreds of tonnes of books and aid supplies; supported communities after natural disasters and come alongside those who are marginalized in society. Operation Mobilization is celebrating the 50th anniversary since their first ministry ship took to the seas.

Over the past five decades the crews on board OM’s four vessels have received almost 49 million visitors, distributed hundreds of tonnes of Christian books and Bibles as well as aid supplies; and supported communities after natural disasters.

OM Ships’ CEO Seelan Govender says their current team on the Logos Hope in the Caribbean carries a similar passion to the pioneer missionaries who were on their maiden voyage from London on board the Logos back in 1971.

The spirit of passion for Jesus and seeing Him transform the lives of people continues to this day on board the Logos Hope with about 300 people currently on board. Young people who’ve got a similar passion, similar commitment, similar dedication to want to make a difference in the world.

Looking to the future Govender says greater things are still to come as they seek to enable millions more to encounter Jesus through mobilization, prayer and partnerships.

So our desire in the next decade to see a million churches mobilized. And by mobilization what we’re simply saying is how do we point communities that know and love and follow Jesus towards whole communities that still do not know and still do not love and don’t yet follow Jesus. What is our role in that? Secondly prayer. How do we inspire this persistent prayer movement for these communities? And thirdly in partnership who we need to go into and collaboration to see a million people be the hands and feet of Jesus in these communities, where it’s not only about the proclamation of the Kingdom of God but actually the demonstration of the Kingdom of God in the midst of the context of what that society lives in.

So as OM celebrates the past while looking to the future it’s hoped this key strategy will spark waves of revival across the globe.

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About Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization (OM) started in the summer of 1957 when George Verwer and two friends sold their possessions to raise money for a trip to distribute Christian literature in Mexico. From this first trip, the small team began to share their vision to mobilize Christians from around the world to reach the nations. As hundreds of Christians responded, the Operation Mobilization movement was born.

Today, over 3,300 OM workers, representing over 100 nationalities, are bringing God’s love and truth to millions every year.

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