Over 60 Thousand People Enjoyed the First Gospel Night in Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, the "Gospel Night" took place, where the Church came together to highlight the creative talent of Christian congregations.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the “Gospel Night” recently took place, a massive event considered a historic milestone, where the Church came together to showcase an impressive display of street art and highlight the creative talent of Christian congregations.

Were shocked by the artistic expressions presented by Christians from different parts of the country. In a festive atmosphere, the “Noche Gospel” presented more than 700 artists with musical and singing shows in different styles, dance, plastic art, circus, improvisation theater, among other ways of telling what Jesus did in his life.


Four stages simultaneously having different shows and different artistic expressions like art, hip hop, rock bands, pop bands, where emerging urban artists began to call and proclaim the message of God.

More than 650 churches in the city and different parts of the country mobilized for a space that seeks to be a showcase for the talent that emerges in churches and are an influence on society, sharing a message of hope, peace and love.


Culture and art are a message and a language with which we can carry the love of God, start preaching the Gospel and thousands and thousands of people can approach the Kingdom of God.

Noche Gospel is an initiative of a group of Christians accompanied by the Pastoral Council of the City of Buenos Aires, that mobilizes the evangelical churches to go out to the streets in order to promote the Christian art that with its talent presents the message of Jesus.

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