Physical Therapist Obeys Calling to the Middle East

A physical therapist takes her career to the Arabian Peninsular, treating pain in people’s bodies and pointing them to Jesus

MIDDLE EAST — A physical therapist takes her career to the Arabian Peninsular, treating pain in people’s bodies and pointing them to the one who provides peace to their souls.

“I wanted to go to one of the toughest countries in the world where there’s been no church before, because I wanted to do something really significant for God,” said Theresa*.

She arrived in the region over 20 years ago, when the only way to move to the Arabian Peninsular as a single woman was through her profession. As a physiotherapist, Theresa said becoming a marketplace worker was a natural fit.

As she daily allows God’s Spirit to fill her up, Theresa finds it easy to speak into people’s lives from the overflow of her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Watch this inspiring OM video that tells the story of the impact she’s having in one of the hardest to reach places on the planet.


“I’ve been in the Middle East for many many years. I remember I wanted to go out to one of the countries that was the toughest in the world where there’s been no church before where I wanted to do something really significant.”

“I’m a physical therapist and I think it is the coolest job because I get to meet a whole variety of people – different nationalities. And then you walk a road with them that keep on coming and they’re really open to the Gospel. And you can continue friendship and go deeper. I just think it’s the most wonderful job there is. I just love Muslim people and when I came out the Middle East I was surprised that it’s much easier to work and witness in a Middle Eastern country than it is in the West. Because in the West religion or relationship with God is part of everything you do.

“And it was very easy to talk and just to flow from my relationship with Jesus Christ and to speak into their lives. I had the experience during Ramadan where a girl came to me who was really stressed. And we talked and talked and I treated her and she wasn’t getting better. So I started asking her what’s happening in her life. And then I challenged her to ask the God of peace that He would communicate with her during Ramadan. And I was very surprised when she came back a week later and she still had the pain but there was a remarkable change. The sense of settling down was better and she said ‘I’m experimenting with God during this time of Ramadan. I’m experimenting to see what He’s doing in me and I’m focusing on Him and I’m talking to Him and I’m reaching out to him.’ To work well we need to be obedient to our calling, to what God has put in us. Whether you’re a mum or a doctor or a teacher to walk out your calling to the best of your ability.

“I just love how He takes our giftings, He forms us and makes us into exactly what He wants to use us for.”

*Name changed for security reasons.

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