Prayer for Ukraine and Russia

People also need prayer - Vadim Medvetki, urges us to pray not only for the people of Ukraine, but also for those of Russia.

GALAȚI, ROMANIA — We still need to pray for peace in a Europe that is faced with the war in Ukraine. More than 8 months have passed since the Russian invasion and a ceasefire agreement has still not been reached. During this time, over 4 million people have fled the war and taken refuge in European Union countries and the Republic of Moldova. Right from the first days, Romanians came to the aid of the Ukrainians, noted Vadim Medvetki, originally from the Republic of Moldova, but who has been living in Romania, in Galaţi, for 10 years. From the beginning of the conflict, he’s been involved in supporting refugees who’ve come to Romania, but he has also participated in humanitarian transports, with which he’s gone all the way into Ukraine. In addition to food, water, clothing and sanitary products, people also need spiritual help, says Vadim Medvetki, and he urges us to pray not only for the people of Ukraine, but also for those of Russia.

Vadim Medvetki, pastor, Republic of Moldova::

“Ukraine is now in danger. And it’s not only Ukraine, but all of Europe. Ukraine is only the first barrier, the first place where the Russian army has come. We’ve been to Ukraine many times, now during the war, with humanitarian aid to Ismail and closer here, where it ‘s more peaceful, but we have also been to Nikolae, Odesa. People need help there, those who’ve remained, because many who had the opportunity left, they were the first refugees. Thank God that the Romanians were a miracle (n.r. through the help given to the refugees). The next day, I was already in Isaccea and saw what happened when no authorities were there, there were no firefighters, no one was there, just simple people had already come there. I don’t know how they found out about the war, because many Ukrainians contacted us to help the refugees. This wave passed through Galați, and through other cities, but many people came through Galați. And we helped them.

I saw how Romanians opened their heart soul, and came there without any preparation, without anything. God simply did it. I believe that God is good and this goodness has awakened the hearts of Romanians. But we must continue. Afterwards I saw people who got tired of doing good things. But the Bible urges us not to grow weary in doing good, but to continue doing good. That’s why I want to say: let’s pray for Ukraine; let’s pray for Russia, too. Now, after this mobilization, more than 600 thousand men have left Russia. They are also now refugees. We cannot say that we help only Ukrainians, but we help everyone, because we are the Church of Christ, and He wants what is good for every person. So let’s pray for both Ukraine and Russia and do whatever is necessary. But I believe prayer is important. God is the righteous judge, let Him handle justice. He will put an end to this situation as quickly as possible.”

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