Rat Fever Outbreak as Kerala Floodwaters Recede

With more than five confirmed deaths of leptospirosis, also known as “Rat Fever,” Kerala, India, suffers not only under the destruction of the floodwaters, but now a disease that is spreading across the state.

Rat Fever is spread through contact with fluids from infected animals. With rotting carcasses and stagnant waters furthering the contamination, more cases are being reported. Drugs to treat this disease are being given to patients, and a daily replenishment of antibiotics are being monitored and given by the Indian government.[1]

According to the news source The Hindu, “As many as 142 people were undergoing treatment for fever at a medical college, of which 38 have been diagnosed with leptospirosis.” [2]

A special ward in a government hospital has been dedicated for suspected cases of rat fever. Currently, there are more than 140 patients in this ward with 33 confirmed cases of leptospirosis. [3]

Please Pray:

  • Pray for comfort for families who have lost their loved ones.
  • Pray for Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported Pastors and believers to be kept safe from this outbreak.
  • Pray leptospirosis will not continue to spread and that this outbreak will end quickly.
  • Pray for medical doctors to have stamina and energy as they care for patients all across Kerala

To read more on the GFA-supported relief efforts in Kerala, India, go here.

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