Restoring Hope to Rohingya Refugees

BANGLADESH — Thousands of Rohingya refugees are fleeing what’s being described by the UN as ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. In response to their desperate needs OM Bangladesh is restoring hope to these many marginalized refugees by providing safe playing areas for children, education, stress debriefings for mothers, sanitation training and hygiene packs.

The United Nations has described this refugee crisis as an ethnic cleansing. Over 600 thousand Rohingya have fled into Bangladesh seeking refuge.

350 thousand of those are under the age of 18.

“We had to walk for 15 days and nights and I saw dead mothers and children along the way.”

“My mom is 104 years old. While I was picking my mother up the military hit me while I was trying to carry my mother. They hit me with weapons.”

“I saw a woman not able to carry her own kids so she put them on the ground and kept walking.”

Many of the Rohingya from Myanmar are arriving in Bangladesh to escape what the United Nations are describing as ethnic cleansing. They must walk many days and travel many miles to get to the refugee camps where are subjected to cramped living quarters and very little food and water.

The women and children have to carry water and supplies in makeshift containers and lack basic cooking tools. There is little option for any of the children to go to school or to have a safe place to play away from the main road or the crowded pathways between the tents.

Adults have no opportunity to work and provide for their families. The situation is bleak and hopeless.

We (OM Bangladesh) as an organization are stepping in to meet the needs of the Rohingya that we have identified. We want to create a safe zone for children where they can play like all children should be able to. We want to educate and walk along side women through stress debriefings, sanitation training and providing hygiene packs and to see the refugees we come into contact with influenced by hope.

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About Operation Mobilisation (OM)

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