Cambodia’s Disadvantaged Communities Experience God’s Love

Cambodia's disadvantaged communities

CAMBODIA — Cambodia’s disadvantaged live in poverty in both urban and rural slums, where prospects are bleak, and safety and the family unit is under threat.

Operation Mobilisation’s Mercy Teams International provides education and social work programs which provide support for the poor and marginalized in Phnom Penh and enable Cambodia’s disadvantaged children to further their education, while also sharing the Gospel.

Cambodia a 95% Buddhist country is also one of the poorest nations in Asia. Our of 15 million people a fifth survive on less than a dollar twenty a day. This poverty breeds all kinds of social injustice.

Mom Som – Social Worker

“The environment I grew up in was violent. Trafficking. And my family sometimes don’t have food to eat so I need to work hard collecting the rubbish. I cannot go to school like the other children. Many times I planned to kill myself.”

Mercy Teams International, part of OM’s Mekong initiative serves among the poorest of Cambodia’s disadvantaged, seeking to provide aid and education while sharing the love of Jesus in places where there is no Gospel influence.

Johan Crezee – Team Leader

“So we go to the places where there are no churches. Where people have never heard of Jesus. We work in four areas where there are slums. And we help the people there as there as they have problems with violence, alcohol, drugs, stealing. And we share the Gospel with them.”

Srey Sina – Widow in the slums

“MTI always comes and follows up and visits every day or more.”

MTI supports children in these communities who are especially vulnerable and lack access to basic education.

Un San – Principal of Kindergarten

“I want to see the kids over here get a better education and have school to study.”

Phearun Pov – Family Sponsorship Staff

“We will support them with school materials, school uniform, school books. Everything they need to study.

Johan Crezee

“The children all know the Gospel. They know all the Bible stories and they tell them at home and the parents hear them and they are happy.”

Srey Sina

“Before I didn’t know God too, but I after I got to know MTI, I believe God.

Johan Crezee

“It’s a blessing that we see the people who were first themselves in our program that they now are able to reach out to their own people.

Ork Seyha – Computer and English Teacher

“When I was young I came here and listened to the MTI staff share the Gospel.”

Mom Som

“And so now by faith I pray to God and now I see my community develop a lot.”

Every day, individuals impacted by social injustices experience God’s love. Their lives are being changed by Jesus. But thousands more remain out of reach.

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About Operation Mobilisation (OM)

Operation Mobilisation started in the summer of 1957 when George Verwer and two friends sold their possessions to raise money for a trip to distribute Christian literature in Mexico. From this first trip, the small team began to share their vision to mobilize Christians from around the world to reach the nations. As hundreds of Christians responded, the Operation Mobilisation movement was born.

Today, over 3,300 OM workers, representing over 100 nationalities, are bringing God’s love and truth to millions every year.

About Mercy Teams International (MTI)

MTI was started to provide opportunities for Christians around the world to minister to the poor in the East Asia and Pacific region, by sharing the hope of Christ and supporting community change.

Millions of people in the East Asia and Pacific region are living in poverty. Issues like trafficking, migration, abuse, lack of employment, addictions, and natural disasters continue to plague the region. Rapid urbanization, population growth, and climate change have also left many people, especially young children, and youth, deprived of basic health, nutrition, education, and shelter.

MTI workers work alongside local Jesus followers to be the beacons of light in their own communities. Building on a global network, they equip, train, disciple, and provide resources to these local communities so that together, they may share God’s love and justice through practical transformational development initiatives.


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