Survey Reveals America’s Greatest Existential Threat

The most significant existential threat for America isn't Coronavirus, but personally determining God's existence, & implications for their present & future

PHOENIX, AZ – The most significant existential threat for America is not the Coronavirus. Nor is it China, Iran, Russia, or North Korea. It is also not the potential collapse of our economy and supply chains. Continuing analysis by the American Worldview Inventory 2020 points out that

“One-third of the nation’s adults who have chosen to dismiss traditional teachings about God, the importance of personally determining whether a powerful, holy, Creator God exists, and the implications of their conclusion for their present and future. This is the paramount existential crisis of our era.”

Inconceivable Insights?

The AWI 2020 suggests that our worldview affects every decision we make and affects every area of our culture; Our country was built on Biblical principles taught by great preachers long before we became the United States of America; The Biblical worldview upon which our United States was established is the cornerstone of our freedom and prosperity; Now, our foundation is crumbling beneath our feet.

Beliefs about Jesus and His Sinless Life

  • 44% of survey respondents who claim to be Christians believe that Jesus did not live a sinless life. That does not mean that the remaining 56% think that He did.
  • Only 41% of survey respondents who claim to be Christian believe that He did live a sinless life. The remainder had no opinion.

Beliefs about God and His Sovereignty

  • Of those who have a “Biblical understanding of the existence of God,” 34% “wonder if God is really involved” in their lives.
  • 45% believe that it is impossible to know to a certainty that “the God they believe in” really exists.

“When looking at people who hold all five of these]biblical views about God – that

  • He is the omnipotent, omniscient, perfect, and just creator of the universe and still rules it today.
  • He loves them unconditionally,
  • He has a reason for everything that happens in a person’s life.
  • He is involved in a person’s life – just 10% of the public hold all five of those views.”

Beliefs about the Holy Spirit and His Subsistence

  • 52% do not believe that the Holy Spirit is a living entity. They view Him merely as a symbol of God’s omnipotence, omnipresence, and holiness.
  • Only 32% believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and a person in the indivisible Holy Trinity. The remainder of respondents held no opinion on the matter.

Concerning Conclusions

Dr. George Barna, Director of Research as the institute observed that

“Thirty years ago, people spent time learning and thinking about God. As our culture has become more self-absorbed, less time is invested reflecting on authority and truth. We have transitioned from a people who upheld the existence of absolute moral truth to a nation where the majority now rejects moral absolutes.”

Dr. Tracy Munsil, Executive Director, added, “You cannot miss the breadth of the spiritual crisis in America today.”

A Frightening Footnote

It doesn’t take much more than a look at the daily news to witness the extent to which the American people and our leaders have deserted God. One prominent governor, speaking to the reduction of Coronavirus cases in his state, said, “The number is down because we brought that number down. God did not do that. Faith did not do that. Destiny did not do that. A lot of pain and suffering did that… That’s how it works. It’s math.”

We are dealing here, not with trivial matters, but with the most consequential issues we will ever face.

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