Textiles Training Program Transforms Lives of Young Women in Ghana

Christian charity Theovision International helps uneducated young women in Ghana completely transformed through textiles training program

GHANA — Christian charity Theovision International is seeing the lives of many uneducated young women in Ghana completely transformed through their textiles training program. Not only are many establishing their own successful businesses as a result of the training they receive, but they are also coming to know Christ after joining audio Bible classes.

Young women in Accra in Ghana, who’ve missed out on an education are receiving vital tools to help them start their own textile businesses as well learn about the Bible, thanks to Theovision International.

The charity’s Philip Asare explains more.

We give them some start up capital and some machines to go out there to start their own business. So we teach them entrepreneurship how to handle money. And then we also do listening programs so we play the audio Bible.

Asare shares some of the success stories of the young people they’ve trained.

Currently the program we are running one of the alumni has come back to train this batch. So she has her own business. After the program she went to do her own business and now she’s doing very well and she’s teaching the new batch. Some of them are starting their own designing firms and sewing for people.

He also says it’s been spiritually transformational.

Some of them give their lives to Christ and some of them renew their commitment to Christ. And we’ve had some ladies passing through this program transformed by the time they leave.

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