The Global Impact of Operation Blessing

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VIRGINIA BEACH – Operation Blessing began in 1978 under the leadership of businessman, Bible teacher, philanthropist, and founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson. Over the years, Operation Blessing has “touched the lives of millions of people in more than 90 countries” and every one of the United States.

Operation Blessing exists to provide strategic relief in regions where people are deprived of food, clean water, medical care. In some cases, these are legacy needs. In others, they may be a result of conflicts or natural disasters.

OB workers and volunteers are continuing to provide comfort and aid to the victims of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and Tropical Storm Imelda in Texas.

Teams assess each situation and provide supplies and assistance based on their needs. Doing so demands a skillful blend of advance preparations and flexibility.

Work in the Bahamas has included installing generators, sanitizing homes to prevent mold, providing safe drinking water, and sending medical personnel door-to-door to assess and address individual health needs.

Workers in Beaumont, Texas, are helping residents remove and replace damaged furniture, carpets, floors, and drywall.

Operation Blessing makes its global impact felt in eight primary areas of operation and ministry, including the aforementioned ministries of disaster relief and medical care.

Safe water. OB’s multi-pronged approach includes deep water wells, community water systems, water filtration systems, and chlorination projects.

Hunger relief. People from Mozambique to San Francisco face hunger daily. Operation Blessing’s Hunger Strike Force transports tractor-trailer loads of food and relief products to community-based partners who meet local needs. Around the globe, OB provides nutritional meals and teaches locals the best practices for growing and harvesting healthy foods.

Aid to the persecuted. OB programs provide immediate relief for persecuted Christians, cooperating with local churches to minister to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Microenterprise. People need to know both how to live and how to make a living. OB provides children and adults with education and marketable skills to prepare them to make a living while sharing truths from the Bible that teach them how to live.

Human trafficking. Operation Blessing’s “I Say No” program teaches vulnerable children how to identify, avoid, and report risky and abusive situations.

Bless-a-Child. Providing aid to children is at the core of nearly every faith-based mission program. OB has a heart for children, all of whom are dependent on others for their health and education. As with other FBOs, the Bless-a-Child program endeavors to come alongside those families who are otherwise unable to provide adequate care.

Missions Box was founded to share the good news of what nonprofits around the world are doing. We hope that readers will pray and ask the Lord to prosper each of these NGOs and their work, including Operation Blessing.

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