UK Christian Landmark Will Profile One Million Answered Prayers

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer in the UK launched an online initiative for Christians to offer the hope of Christ during the Covid pandemic

ENGLAND – In the midst of the pandemic currently spreading fear and anxiety across the UK, a Christian landmark has moved a step closer to being able to highlight a million answered prayers in a bid to bring the hope of Christ to the nation.

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer announced this week that they’ve been granted planning permission to build this 169-foot high structure in the heart of England near the city of Birmingham, which they plan to open to the public in 2022.

The Global News Alliance spoke to the man behind this innovative project Richard Gamble.

An historic UK landmark that will profile a million answered prayers has been given the go-ahead to be built on a site on the outskirts of Birmingham in England.

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will stand at 169 feet and is expected to attract 300,000 visitors each year. CEO of this innovative project is Richard Gamble.

“The massive step in recent weeks is we’ve now got planning permission, something that people told us we’d never be able to do. But the highest authority in the land has given us permission to build a Christian landmark in the heart of the nation. We’re making a transition from being a charity with a crazy dream to now a charity with actually a responsibility to deliver this. So we’re working very hard. We’re hoping to start building in 2021. And we will open the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer in 2022.”

Gamble explains what the public will encounter when they visit this Christian landmark.

“We’re surrounded aren’t we at the moment with stories of fear, stories that breed anxiety. And I think the greatest antidote to those is hope and we have our hope in Jesus. People will be able to come. They will be able to put their phone up against a brick and their phone will let up and tell them the story. So they’ll be able to search through a million stories of answered prayer and find somebody who has been in a similar situation to them. Their storm of life will be mirrored in this story of answered prayer. And our hope, our prayer, our expectation is that they’ll be able to leave being inspired and encouraged that through prayer they can navigator through the storms of life they find themselves in.”

One of the project’s key partners is CBN Europe, who have been helping to gather many of the answered prayers for each of the million bricks the wall will be constructed of. CBN Europe’s Regional Director is Mark Dijkens.

“As a media-driven ministry CBN is all about making the name of Jesus known to people here in the United Kingdom in Europe and beyond and like the project, like the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer we believe in the power of our testimony. We believe in the God who hears our prayers and can also make a real difference in our lives. So we were so excited to hear that planning permission has been granted for this project to take place and shape the United Kingdom. And we really pray as this project develops and will be built that it will make a major impact for the Gospel here in the United Kingdom in Europe and beyond.”

Gamble concluded by sharing how he believes this will act as a spiritual legacy for many generations to come.

“For people who share their answered prayers and please everybody we need your answered prayers, that story is going to sit on Eternal Wall for hundreds of years and maybe that story is a catalyst for them finding the God who answers. So we can actually impact the generations that are to come with out stories of what God has done in this generation.”

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