Unsilenced Documentary Tells Story of BGEA’s Battle for Freedom of Speech in the UK

BGEA has released a documentary called Unsilenced, defending freedom of speech to ensure the Gospel cannot be silenced.

LONDON — The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has released a documentary called Unsilenced. The 30 minute TV special tells the story of how when confronted with opposition to Franklin Graham’s God Loves You UK tour they went on a mission to defend freedom of speech to ensure the Gospel cannot be silenced.

As more than 10,000 people filled the Excel Centre in London this month for Franklin Graham’s God Loves You UK tour outreach event, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has released a 30-minute documentary called Unsilenced, telling the story of the many challenges they faced leading up to this tour.

The TV special highlights how they overcame countless obstacles including when many venues cancelled Franklin’s meetings across the UK after protests primarily against the evangelist over his biblical stance on homosexuality.

Franklin GrahamBGEA CEO and President:

We’ve got a lot of people who are criticising, we’ve got a lot of people who are condemning and we feel so small, why don’t we just be quiet and just live our own lives and no, we’re not going to let that stop us from calling men and women to repentance. God hasn’t called us to be quiet.

Featured in the documentary is Justin Arnot, General Counsel for the BGEA, and he shares why it was so important not to back down in the face of opposition.

Justin Arnot:

Just started to roll as something we hadn’t experienced, the cancellation of a whole tour and actually we never had a cancellation that I can recall period, so it really became a matter of how do we do what we’ve always done, which is to proclaim the gospel in the public square, and so how do we get back to a place where that isn’t threatened by this opposing viewpoints and the social pressure that they put on to decision makers?

Fiona BruceMP, Congleton:

The prime minister in his Christmas message said, “We stand with Christians everywhere in solidarity and will defend your right to practice your faith. So can we have a statement as to whether we can really call ourselves a tolerant, inclusive and diverse society which respects freedom of speech, whatever one’s religion or beliefs, if we deny the Billy Graham Association a platform in this country?

Arnot shares the eventual outcome of their legal case in Glasgow after persevering in standing up for the right to share the gospel message.


We only had one actual ruling and that was in the Glasgow case that was handed down and the other cases we were able to resolve favourably. We really felt like this cause is right.

And following Franklin’s latest meeting in London this month, the God Loves You UK tour will continue in Glasgow in June 2024.

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