AI and The Church (Part One)

AI seems to be everywhere, including the church. Gloo recently sponsored an AI “hackathon” to bring together like-minded software designers.

BOULDER, COLORADO — Artificial Intelligence, or AI, seems to be everywhere we turn, including the church. A tech company that serves the church community recently sponsored an AI “hackathon” to bring together like-minded software designers to explore the potential, and peril, of this powerful technology.

Without a doubt, you have heard of artificial intelligence, but what is it and why should the church care?

Artificial intelligence, AI, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and mimic cognitive functions similar to humans.

Artificial intelligence is growing at a faster pace than any previous technology. This rapid advance is enabling innovative techniques and strategies for church leaders who use AI to reach their local communities where they can establish real human connections. At the forefront of these strategies is, a technology company in Boulder, Colorado. CEO Scott Beck explains Gloo’s mission.

Scott BeckCEO of

Gloo is a technological platform that unleashes the collective power of the Big C Church. And when I say Big C Church, I mean all ministries and, ultimately, the power to change lives, to help people thrive, to help communities thrive.

Local pastor Carl Romas has been working with Gloo for about three years implementing AI tools to enhance connections among church members and weekend programming.


It has revolutionized how we connect our people to the weekend because we always ask, how do we keep our people engaged during the over 160 hours after the time they spend with us on Saturday or Sunday?

Recently, Gloo partnered with other tech leaders to organize an AI hackathon, where 42 teams from around the world gathered to compete for prizes. Innovative AI applications to promote the gospel message were the focus of the event.

Scott Beck:

We believe there is a moral imperative to apply technology for good. AI is one of those technologies. God is not surprised by AI, okay? He wasn’t surprised by the printing press, or the Internet. He’s not surprised by AI. Technology is a tool, but the real key is relational interaction.

Carl Romas:

I love the approach Gloo has, that all these innovative companies have, how do we bring people closer? And closer, simply by using these technological tools as bridges to bring people into a deep, very deep relationship.

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Source: Global News Alliance, AI and The Church (Part One)

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