Christian Mountain Retreat for Families of Ukraine’s Fallen Soldiers

More than 20 families took part in our A Mountain Getaway retreat. Understanding the importance, they have decided to continue hosting events

UKRAINE — When Christian organisation first started planning a mountain retreat, their team had no idea just how important it would be for women and children who have lost their beloved husbands to the war in Ukraine.

More than 20 families took part in our “A Mountain Getaway” retreat.

Understanding the importance, they have decided to continue hosting such events, the next one scheduled for October.


With every cell in my body I felt the warmth and care that everything here was just soaked in.

It is truly an invaluable experience to be safe, protected by trust. By Love. Amongst women who are truly lacking this right now vand it is amazing how comfortable and light we felt here.

And a huge thanks to the organizers for such a thoughtful and awe-inspiring attitude. Where you are surrounded by so much attention and given time to be yourself. And just be with such incredibly strong women.

People I met for the first time gave us such kindness, so many pleasant impressions. Even friends and relatives haven’t been able to give us this in these past 10 months. You did something incredible, you shared a piece of your soul.

It’s a time when I could just breathe and my should could rest.

So awesome, so many emotions.

It’s was obvious that they were waiting for us and were glad to give us rest.

We didn’t have to worry about anything, everything was organized for us.

Thank you, dear ants.


We are a group of Christian volunteers who evacuated from Kyiv, Donetsk and Dnipro. UA.Ants and our loyal friends and partners always make it our number one priority to respond quickly to the needs of both our army and civilians on and around the territory of the front lines. We are convinced we must keep doing what we’re doing in order to bring victory closer. We need the volunteer superpower! Please keep pressing on with us and continue supporting us.

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